Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is an environmentally-friendly flooring option for your home. Whether you prefer easy-to-install, engineered hardwood flooring or the beauty of cherry or oak wood floors, you’ll find a wide assortment of options at DSS Flooring. Choose from a variety of hardwood flooring including bamboo flooring, oak flooring, walnut flooring, maple flooring, white oak flooring, cork floors and hickory flooring.

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Product Description

Trying to decide if hardwood floors are right for your home? Contact us. We will help you buy your flooring, install your wood floors correctly and keep your project within budget.

As of recently, wooden floors are back in fashion and because of the variety available, you can afford to pick and choose. Hardwood floors can be really expensive but they offer a classic and chic look to any interior. For many people, hardwood floors have no substitute.

Hardwood floors require careful maintenance to keep them safe from moisture and termites. To maintain their lustre, regular polish might also be needed. One of the best features of a wooden floor is that it can always be pulled up and re-installed elsewhere whenever you decide to move, thereby making it a viable option for renters as well.


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