5 tips to transform your bathroom into a haven of peace

For many of us, our bathroom isn’t just the place to take a quick shower, to put on makeup quickly when you’re late. It is also a place to relax after a hard day’s work where you allow yourself a moment to do your beauty ritual during your day off. We all had this feeling one day when our bathroom would be our haven, our private spa. Between the metro, work, routine and all the other priorities we often forget that this is the case.

We have prepared a few tips for you so that you can enjoy your bathroom again. Like giving it a facelift and how to turn it into your favorite place. Your little kingdom and oasis of calm. The only room with a door that you can close and be in your bubble even for a short while.

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Clean up
Sort through your beauty and cosmetic products and check that they are still safe to use. Otherwise throw them away, don’t make a feeling!

Do your decorative items really add anything or are they just taking up space for nothing? If so where ever you got bored and put them aside.

If you want to get rid of some stuff but don’t want to throw it away. Put aside and offer to your friends to recover, some might be delighted, and you will have saved some space in your bathroom! Winner-Winner!

If you’re struggling to part with things that aren’t necessary, do it in sets. Start with what seems most obvious to you and start again a few days later.

A blow of fresh
Now that the unnecessary things are gone, it’s time to spruce up. Here are some simple and inexpensive little ideas.

If your bathroom has a window, change the curtains or shutters. Switch on a new color to give a cozy or fresher look.

A new set of matching bathroom linen. Throw away old towels that are washed out, and buy back a matching set of linens.

Create an atmosphere

  • Add plants or perfume diffusers.
  • Add candles. Still the easiest way to create a zen atmosphere.
  • Plant! Having at least one plant in the room will add a touch of green and help you escape. We advise you to take succulents which will do well in humid conditions.

Add useful items not just decorative items but items that will help you create an atmosphere.
Find the right spot and put down a small radio or wireless speaker. You’ve got to have one lying around somewhere. Otherwise you will find it almost everywhere. Nothing is more relaxing than a good shower / bath with your favorite songs in the background.

Think of yourself first. Try to do this as often as possible, ideally every day, even if it’s just for 15 to 20 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you are single or married, with or without children, try to plan these times for yourself and stick to them. It will become the times that you are looking forward to the most.

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