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Wherever you are in the world, whatever your industry, you can count on our teams of experts around the world to provide you with the right solutions to make your business operations faster, easier and more efficient.

As true partners, we offer you independent services that help you reduce risk, streamline your processes and improve the sustainability of your operations.

What We Offer

Doorstep Services and Supplies Pakistan (DSSPak.pk) is founded and powered by ECB International Private Limited in 2015. DSSPak.pk is the best construction and renovation service provider in Lahore, Pakistan. We ensure the highest levels of satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to our clients and work with them to meet their requirements. DSSPak.pk is a Construction & Renovation Contractor and General Order Supplier company. We have the capacity to carry out contracts for all trades. The company carries out new work as well as rehabilitation work, structural reinforcement, building elevation as well as maintenance work.

Quality and values have been the main reasons behind our success. We live by our values, have fun and take pride in what we do. We maintain a work environment where people enjoy coming to work, to serve our clients and exceed their expectations by making their life easier.

DSSPak.com believes in treating their customers and business associates with honesty, courtesy and respect.

We strive to be the worldwide leader of service providers by improving our customer’s life through our services.

At DSSPak.com, “One Click Solves It All.”

DSSPak.com helps in saving your time from the first phone call till the problem is resolved. Our trained professionals’ expertise in house repair services we provide and we guarantee that they can complete their jobs faster and are more efficient than a typical “handyman for hire.” You won’t have to interrupt your day and waste your valuable time waiting on DSSPak.com. Our on-time record is second to none and we arrive ready to work.

With its expertise in structural work, general contracting, works, services and project management, DSS Construction is the privileged partner of professionals, communities and individuals for all types of projects in the field of housing, industry and the tertiary sector.

We Understand Requirements

DSS has been committed to its customers to ensure quality services. We make it a point of honor to respect quality management and a rigorous methodology.

We Work Precisely ​

DSS applies new synergies such as the integration of the design, study and construction management phases for even greater responsiveness and flexibility.

We Deliver Best Output​

DSS relies on the skills and solidity, which is developing a global approach to the construction industry and maintenance services.

Our Expert Team

Since its creation in 2016, DSS has been a major player in construction in Pakistan. Based in Lahore, the company is now developing its expertise in structural work and general building contractors. Today it is a privileged partner of professionals, communities and individuals, both for small projects and for large structuring projects in the field of housing, industry and services.

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Anjum Khalid

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Marketing Manager

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

In every project we undertake, we are committed to providing professional expertise, exceptional quality service, flawless construction.