AC Servicing

Fridge, Refrigerator & Geyser Installation and Repair Services

Our Services

We are proud to employ technicians who are Certified for AC Servicing and Fridge, Refrigerator & Geyser Installation and Repair services. We seek out these exceptional employees because we always put our clients first and want to give them the best service and 100% satisfaction. We repair all brands of heating and cooling units quickly, effectively, and at affordable prices. We understand that air conditioning outages in Pakistan can be an emergency, so we focus on responding as quickly as possible at any time. We will diagnose the problem and provide a solution to get you up and running with minimal downtime. Our service technicians are fully stocked so they can make repairs immediately.

AC Servicing & Installation

Our technicians are trained not only to assess and repair the immediate Air Conditioning problem, but will also inspect your entire cooling system in order to ensure that any repair made to your system is the correct repair.

Heating & Heat Pumps

If your heating system isn't working like it used to, or not at all, give us a call, and we'll send someone out to get it up and running again. We'll inspect your entire heating system in order to ensure that any repair made to your system is the correct repair.

Fridge & Refrigerator Repair

DSS brings to you a list of skilled and experienced technicians offering refrigerator repair services at affordable service charges. We have a large team of verified and skilled service providers.

Geyser Installation & Repair

DSS offers solutions including geyser installations with expert technicians. We relies on the expertise of our plumbers who have a large experience in providing geyser installation, repairs, maintenance, replacement, and fixing services.

Our Specialization

DSS Pakistan is your preferred Heating & Cooling company. We specialize in Air Conditioning, Fridge, Refrigerator and Geyser Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement! Whether your heating or cooling system isn’t performing like it used to, or doesn’t work at all, we can find the solution that’s right for you, and get your home feeling comfortable again.
For the repair of air conditioning systems, Fridge, Refrigerator and Geysers in Pakistan stands out as the best resource. Our certified technicians are able to repair all of the heating and cooling equipment, of all known brands, including the following:

Thanks to their in-depth skills, our technicians are able to repair many types of heating and cooling equipment in Lahore, including wall-mounted air conditioners and central air conditioning systems. Our team stands out both for its professionalism and the quality of our repair service. Our goal: to repair your air conditioner within your budget and on time. Whether it’s for repairing your air conditioner or repairing your air conditioning system, or even repairing your air conditioning system in Pakistan, call on the expertise of certified technicians from DSS. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and repairing your air conditioner so that you can benefit from fresh air and maintain an optimal ambient temperature in all your rooms during heat waves in summer.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

DSS is a leader in heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions.