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Architectural Designs

Our professional architects love architecture. Therefore, they lead you in your interior project as much on the interior and exterior aesthetic aspects. We guarantee well-managed production costs. The development of your project is carried out by our passionate designers of architecture and interior layout. Above all, we will try to give you the best possible direction towards a final goal in coherence with your future way of life.

DSS has gathered a team of passionate professionals about the architectural and building trades. Above all, we design project with respect for the codes and duties of the project managers. We accompany each client in his house construction from planning and designing to final delivery.

One mission, to build houses that look like you

Our construction techniques are unique, fully customized to your image. In order to carry out this mission, we take the time of the exchange. Our service providers carefully listen to advise you. They elaborate the style of house, which will correspond to your way of life and your budget.

We attach as much importance to interior and exterior aesthetic details. Whatever your budget, our passion, and know-how of architecture allow us to offer you various ideas. So that your house is more than just a house.

Most noteworthy, our agency realizes an average of 50 unique, functional and energy efficient houses per year.

With the Greatest Transparency

The house building project can be stressful from the moment you do not have all the keys in your hand. DSS makes it a point of honor to establish a contract of trust with its customers. In order to ensure a support in all serenity thanks to:

  1. A great ability to listen and exchange throughout the project
  2. A site supervision frequent and detailed
  3. A perfect mastery of the rules of construction

DSS specializes in designing architectural plans for all your project types. Do you have a new construction project, an expansion project or just a refurbishment of interior spaces? Certainly, the DSS team is responsible for designing your plan.

New Architecture Design House

With a mission to understand, innovate, collaborate and achieve, DSS provides consulting and comprehensive engineering, architecture and design services for built and natural environments around the world. Hence our team of experts provides innovative solutions across markets and geographies to solve our clients’ most complex challenges.

The design process is based on the exchange and confrontation of the proposals with the stakes of the program. The agency is a tool to produce this reflection and the production of the pictorial architecture.

Resolutely contemporary, the path of the agency, whether in the field of heritage or in that of the current construction, follows a clear guideline: the involvement of professionals in the service of the project.

Architectural Planning and Design

For several years, the agency has been developing expertise in the field of architectural planning and design. Hence represents an important part of its activity. In parallel with its commitment as prime contractor, the agency is multidisciplinary. We regularly provide assistance to the different needs of the Project Owners through a plurality of consulting missions.

Above all intimately convinced of the value of team thinking. The agency works in partnership with other actors in the design of the built and landscaped space to open up on other axes of the design.

The agency carries its projects in the service of the Project Management. In respect of an agency ethics that highlights the quality of the built space and integration of the project in its environment.

Architectural Planning and Design Services

The built environment define the world in which we live. At DSS, we believe that the best architecture combines physical beauty with high performance to shape the world around us and improve our quality of life.

By defining together with the aesthetic and functional needs, thanks to the latest technological and environmental advances. Our specialized designers and technicians work hand in hand with our customers to find solutions. Which develop our way of life and are designed to last. You have the guarantee that all DSS achievements will pass on a legacy to future generations.

From climate change to ever faster urbanization, our world is complex. Whether maximizing space in cities or making wastelands habitable. We deliver exceptional and sustainable results. Our people work together to create value through built and natural assets that work in harmony with their environment – from shopping centers to hospitals.

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