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Genesis Eco HBC

A low-cost Genesis high back chair will add comfort and ergonomic design to your office in a cost-effective way. The chair combines comfort, functionality, body-fit structure, and style for an ever-changing working environment.

The Genesis high back eco chair’s body fits the enduring structure and provides laser-focused support to the spine, lower back, cervical, and head. A permanent contact mechanism that provides lockable tilting options, as well as extra torsion adjustment, allows you to sit comfortably and with fine support during long working hours. Genesis ergonomics combined with cost-effectiveness results in a superior back fit solution that provides nothing short of comfort and support.

Genesis Ortho HBC (Wooden Arm)

A low-cost Genesis high back chair will add comfort and ergonomic design to your office in a cost-effective way. The chair combines comfort, functionality, body-fit structure, and style for an ever-changing working environment.

Genesis Ortho’s concept arose to address a previously unsolved issue: a lack of physical harmony between seating solutions and the sitter. Genesis Ortho sets a new standard for weight distribution and natural alignment, delivering a healthy sitting and moving experience, with an advanced tilting mechanism, quality seating, numerous customization options, smart adjustment options, and ergonomic structure.

Master Cres Eco HBC

Cres Eco provides customized support to the seater by incorporating a one-of-a-kind set of features such as a lockable revolving and tilting mechanism.

Master Cres Eco HBC is a work of ergonomic genius! The chair’s back contours to the human body’s curve and can comfortably support the cervical spine, shoulder, and waist. The design of the edge is smooth and will not scratch the body.

Havana High Back

The simplest form of comfortability!

Master Havana is the personification of ease and comfort. The light-scale design and modern engineering provide dynamic support in an elegant manner. Havana is a delight for your modern minimalistic office, with advanced comfort controls and a permanent contact mechanism.

When it comes to style, comfort, and ergonomic support, Havana is the place to be. The multi-layered veneer frame of Havana creates a perfect canvas for displaying your personality and style. The easy-to-manage lumbar support, height adjustment, and posture care layout will undoubtedly make you feel in command of the work agility and frequency.

MegaCosm HBC

Sophistication in form and technique!

The sleek frame, harmonic tilt, and intercept suspension of Megacosm make you forget about gravity. Advanced mechanisms, user-friendly customization settings, and comfortable seating reduce muscle strain, improve multitasking, and provide continuous support during long gaming sessions!

Megacosm is your ideal partner if you are looking for adaptable, responsive, and flexible workplace seating that allows you to feel in control of your decisions. Its ergonomic body-fit structure conforms to each sitter’s natural spine curve with a variety of lumbar and tension adjustment options, a weight-activated synchronized tilted mechanism, and numerous fine-tuning options to bring the chair into perfect alignment with your anatomy.

Numex HBC

Outfits your office with magnificence and strict professionalism!

Numex’s one-of-a-kind engineering, opulent design, and luxurious personalization options imbue your entire office with a sense of majesty and strict professionalism. The chair is the source of power and authority.

Fulfilling modern comfort needs with classic charm!

The Numex’s functions and outlines were influenced by the personalities of world leaders. Master Offisys designed the Numex executive chair based on their characteristics and evolving working habits. Each and every stitch of this high-performance chair oozes luxury, comfort, and magnificence. The spectacular structure, modern contact mechanisms, various adjustment choices, and top-grain original leatherette of the Numex add grandeur and refinement to your workspace.

Numex HBC (Leather Stitched)

Are you tired of working long and stressful hours? We’ve come up with the most effective option for you. Make the most of this magnificent chair designed by Master Offisys. It has a contoured and high headrest, as well as segmented filling upholstered in durable leather. Its stylish design will give you an air of dominance and charm.

Numex HBC (Leather Stitched)

Are you sick of working long, exhausting hours? For you, we have the best option. Use this magnificent chair by Master Offisys to its full potential. It features a rounded and elevated headrest, as well as segmented stuffing covered in durable leather. Its sleek design will give you an appearance of dominance and charisma.

Master Cres HBC

Perfect fit for demanding jobs!

Cres is a sturdy chair with a solid ergonomic structure, synchronized knee tilting mechanism, and sleek style that best suits the demands of a rigorous task. The simple design makes use of new technologies, futuristic mechanisms, and ergonomic structuring to provide comfort for long periods of time!

Simple in design and extra in comfort!

The executive chair is simple and elegant, with a focus on performance and versatility. It’s majestic with a touch of simplicity, thanks to its effective lumbar support, elegant spine-supporting structure, various backrest options, and synchronized knee-tilt mechanism.

Lorenzo HBC

A handy task-seating solution!

Master Lorenzo HBC has the flexibility to adjust to the needs of a wide range of users, making it a consumer favorite. Lorenzo is a good choice for any workplace environment because of its durability, adaptability, and stylish appearance.

Redefining the efficiency with simplicity!

A fantastic pleasure for fast-paced employees who don’t have enough time to customize and set their seats. The Master Offisys Lorezo High Back Chair is ideal for energetic executives who are juggling multiple responsibilities, each with a unique approach. This multi-functional chair supports your body, molds to your spine, and allows you to unwind easily during long work hours.

Aura HBC

Master Offisys has created a smart and simple seating solution. Master Offisys’ traditional high-quality craftsmanship supports the seat cushion. It comes with a variety of stunning upholstery color options to match the decor of your business.

Cosm HBC

The best choice of materials, stylish design, and increased comfort make Cosm the perfect chair for any office.

Ergonomic Design that Has Your Back! 

The ergonomic design of the COSM HBC has your back. We feel that working without a chair is difficult, therefore choose one that is comfortable! 3D armrests relieve fatigue by supporting your hands at all times during work or rest. You’ll also feel relaxed and comfortable with the completely adjustable lumbar support, mesh back seat, and adjustable headrest.

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