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Ceiling Services

Since its inception, DSS has developed a master’s degree in the crafts of the false ceiling to offer different types of ceilings. We recommend this technique according to the energy and acoustic needs of our customers and their aesthetic choices. The materials have multiplied, their technicality, thanks to a technology watch. DSS is aware of the latest innovations in this area. The company is constantly striving to ensure continuous training for its teams. Who perform the installation according to the highest international standards in force.

The numerous projects carried out, some of which are particularly complex, attest, if necessary, to the level of expertise attained. Our teams can realize these services within the framework of a project. Either in a single batch or in individual service. While collaborating with the other trades: lighting, air conditioning etc.

Plaster ceilings and false ceilings are by far the most common, whether smeared or plasterboard. They allow a smooth finishing and ready to be painted. Very resistant, they have a very good life.

False Ceiling

False Ceilings or Suspended plaster ceilings are generally composed of a metal structure allowing, among other things, to level the ceiling. The structure will then be covered with plasterboard (Knauf, Fermacell, Rigips, Place) that will be screwed into the rails. The void created between the new and the old ceiling can be filled with mineral wool or glass wool. In order to improve thermal and/or acoustic insulation as needed.

Our teams of professional plasterers are at your disposal for all your work of laying and renovation ceilings. Our services include false ceilings plaster or drywall, canvas PVC, hanging or stretched as well as your crawling ceilings, soffits, and boxes of all kinds.

Home/Kitchen Ceiling

Specialized in the creation and installation of your false ceilings bright or decorative. We also carry out interior insulation work or kitchen, home, and offices. The false ceiling (or suspended ceiling) has many advantages, both in terms of thermal and sound insulation and aesthetic level. Playing on the volumes, it lowers the height of the room, thus giving it an easy heating. It also hides the irregularities of the original ceiling. While creating a free space to integrate electrical wires and other conduits.

According to your wishes, we integrate LED bulbs with your false ceilings, with the possibility to add light bars for more originality. The use of LED bulbs helps to reduce your energy consumption. The false ceiling light is, therefore, a perfect solution to optimize the lighting of your rooms while making them warmer.

Wood Ceiling

Add your touch of originality to the traditional look of a wood ceiling by choosing Woodworks. Custom wood ceilings based on the size, shapes, and curves you want to achieve the desired effect. Available in a variety of coverings, from classic to exotic. Custom Wood Ceilings allow you to create a truly unique effect.

We can help you to bring your unique ideas to life. Support offered from the initial configuration, throughout product selection, integration of installation and accessories, customization, manufacturing, and specifications to get the most beautiful final effect.

We work with a new vision of the wood ceiling. Today, materials have evolved and offered both technical and aesthetic features that we know how to use.

Ceiling Decoration

In close collaboration with our customers, we are trying to imagine the false ceilings of tomorrow. A creative idea arises and we think of its technical implementation. Ceilings made of wood or wood products are often suspended ceilings. In all new or existing buildings, such as basements, garages, commercial, sports and industrial halls, as well as in warehouses and buildings. All these products combine thermal insulation and acoustic enhancement powers. They offer good mechanical strength and can have an attractive decorative effect.

With models designed specifically for damp rooms that are 100% waterproof. Some paneling can also be installed in damp rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms. The wide range of sizes, materials, and decorations allows you to create your own atmosphere. It will help you to make your home a place where all your loved ones feel good. Feel free to use our delivery and installation services by professional woodworkers, you will save valuable time. In addition, with our many available stock references, we will be able to provide you with your ceiling quickly.

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