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Commercial Building Construction

DSS General Contractor offers construction services to commercial companies located in Pakistan. Our team offers an efficient turnkey service including planning, design, construction and a flawless finish. Whether you are in the manufacturing, agribusiness or transport sector. Our team is entirely dedicated to the projects entrusted to it. We ensure to offer you a result of a very high quality and of which you will be proud.

Over time, the company has gained solid experience with a clientele with specific needs. In a constantly changing environment, both in terms of the technologies used and the processes put in place. We rely on the quality of the services offered and on the competence of our team.

Entirely dedicated to satisfying our customers, the company makes it a point of honor to respond with care and professionalism to the least needs expressed by those who use its services. Whether it is consulting or construction, the building that will be delivered to you will meet all your expectations and will make you happy.

Construction Management

Whether in the commercial, manufacturing, agri-food or transportation sectors, we are able to adapt our approach to your industry. We work together with our customers to ensure you a flawless service.

Our goal: to provide you with quality service and a building you will be proud of!

DSS professionals can always count on the encouragement and involvement of our management team, whom we are pleased to present to you. DSS is more than a general contractor; it is the creator of your ideas. Our job is to offer you the building you’ve always dreamed of, to propel your business to another level.

Construction Contracting Company

DSS has become a leader in the construction industry thanks to its team. We are competent and recognized in our field of expertise. Above all, the members of our team are committed to providing you with the best possible services. We work with the best in the industry: carpenters, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, architects, geologists, engineers … Our experienced team is at your disposal to make your project a great success.

If you run an organization located anywhere in Pakistan and your activities are carried out in the commercial, manufacturing, agri-food or transportation sectors. Even more, we offer you turnkey construction services tailored to your needs. Also, do not worry about anything, we take care of everything and we guarantee you the result.

Local Construction Company

Our professional and experienced team has all the tools to take control of your project from A to Z. Our expertise allows you to efficiently plan all the steps necessary for your project, from the design of plans and specifications to the completion of your project building.

We will be at your side from start to finish to help you through all the steps required without stress. If you have not found the right land yet, no problem! We can also help you find the ideal location for your future construction. As a trusted entrepreneur, DSS will take into account your business and growth objectives. We also consider any other information that may help us deliver a result beyond your expectations. We will deliver you high-quality work through our highly experienced team.

Turnkey Contractor

Above all, we have proven our way of working. From the first meeting with you, we will be able to define your needs, your budget, and the planned schedule. By choosing the turnkey option, you will be able to focus on your professional activities. As we work to develop your construction, renovation or expansion project.

DSS, a general construction company located in Lahore. Certainly, we put our expertise at the disposal of architects, engineers, and public services. We can service to erect your most diverse construction projects, from the most elaborate to the most convenient. It may include apartment buildings, residences of standing, commercial complexes, roads, underpasses etc.

The aim is to strengthen the confidence of the general public in the skills of our services providers. Above all, an annual administrative and technical audit covers the quality, safety, environment, and sustainability of the labeled activities.

We commit ourselves to act properly towards our customers and to offer a work of constant quality.

To choose DSS is, therefore, to opt for a construction company that:

  • Makes every effort in its internal organization to be efficient and to satisfy you at best. (deadlines, availability, listening, satisfaction survey, taking into account malfunctions so as not to reproduce them in the future …);
  • Place your satisfaction at the heart of your management system,
  • Ensures you a reliable and quality work.

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