Construction Business in Pakistan

Construction Business in Pakistan

A construction business that manages projects involving the construction of buildings, housing societies, roadways, commercial spaces, Plazas, Hospitals, Schools, etc.

These companies are in charge of building and infrastructure projects. For a payment agreed upon with their clients, they build whatever is on the design sheets to reality.

In the article below we will discuss the benefits of the construction business that help flourish the economy, Types of construction companies, the scope of construction business in Pakistan, and Top Construction Companies in Pakistan.

How do construction companies benefit the economy?

Construction is an essential business that plays a crucial role in a country’s economic development. The government is particularly interested in the building business since it is an investment-driven industry. Contracts with the construction companies are used by the government to create infrastructure in the health, transportation, and education sectors.

The construction industry, whether in civil engineering, non-residential, or residential construction, is a sound financial venture. It’s part of a strategy to enhance aggregate demand in the construction and manufacturing industries. The amount of money invested varies depending on whether the government is pursuing a stable policy by lowering or boosting social service spending.

Various types of Construction Companies?

The following are the different types of construction companies:

  • Consulting Companies:

The practice of providing a third party with knowledge on a subject in exchange for the payment is known as consulting. Advisory or implementation services are available as part of the service. Taking an objective and unbiased view on a problem is crucial to the consultant’s function. In theory, a consultant can work in any industry.

During the previous several decades, the word has been associated with business consulting, with a focus on corporate strategy, management, organization, operational processes, and technology.

  • Civil Engineering Company:

The structural elements, such as the foundation, structural steel, and concrete workstations, are designed by a civil engineering firm. The structure designed by civil engineers is built by a construction company. Typically, a civil engineering firm would solely provide engineering and surveying services. But if a construction company has the appropriate staff on board or hires out a subcontractor, they can provide civil engineering services.

  • Construction Contracting Company / General Contractors:

A general contractor, also known as the main contractor or prime contractor, is in charge of overseeing a construction site on a daily basis, managing vendors and trades, and conveying information to all parties involved during a construction project.

A general contractor controls the supply of all materials, personnel, equipment (such as engineering automobiles and tools), and services required for the project’s construction. A general contractor frequently employs specialist subcontractors to complete all or parts of the building project.

  • Renovation Companies:

Your home remodeling ambitions can come true with the help of a competent renovation company. Whether you want a new porch, a new kitchen, a skylight in the living room, or just a fresh appearance for your house, renovation companies specialize in this type of work.

  • Real Estate Companies:

Land and improvements, such as buildings, furnishings, roads, structures, and utility systems, make up real estate. Property rights confer ownership of land, improvements, and natural resources such as minerals, plants, animals, and water, among other things.

Residential Real Estate Companies: Residential real estate is land that has been built for the purpose of allowing people to live there. Residential real estate cannot be utilized for commercial or industrial uses, according to municipal zoning rules. These rules vary by area and limit the number of buildings that may be built on a single block as well as the kind of municipal services that can be provided to those structures.

Commercial Real Estate Companies: Commercial real estate is the property that is solely utilized for business or serves as a workspace rather than a residence. The majority of the time, commercial real estate is leased to tenants for the purpose of conducting business.

This type of property can range from a tiny gas station to a massive shopping mall. Retailers of all types, office space, hotels, strip malls, restaurants, and convenience shops are all examples of commercial real estate.

Scope of construction business in Pakistan:

Real estate is the largest revenue-generating industry in our society. Even throughout the Pandemic, if there was one industry that improved by leaps and bounds rather than declining, it was real estate. Construction businesses are the mainstay of the Pakistani real estate industry. It is impressive that Pakistani construction enterprises were able to strategize and create enough funds to help the country’s economy re-stabilize even during such trying circumstances. Because every other revenue-generating industry had been hit hard during this period and was unable to contribute to the economy as it had in previous years. Some of these construction firms are government-owned, while many others are privately owned.

Construction Sector in Pakistan: A Brief summary

  • With 220 million people, a labor force of more than 60 million, and an emerging middle class, Pakistan is the world’s fifth most populated country.
  • Urban regions account for 36.38 percent of the population, while rural areas account for 63.62 percent.
  • Due to a 2.4 percent yearly population growth rate, according to census 2017, there is an increasing need for housing.
  • According to the Pakistan Economic Survey, the construction industry contributes 2.53 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The sector employs 7.61 percent of Pakistan’s working population.
  • Through the flood of infrastructural projects including roads, power plants, and dams, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has boosted the construction sector.

Top 10 Construction companies in Pakistan:

Top construction companies in Pakistan are as follows:

  1. Imarat Group of Companies
  2. Hardbone International PVT Limited
  3. Sardar Group of Companies
  4. Jaffer Group of Companies
  5. Habib Rafiq Construction Services
  6. ZKB Engineers and Constructors
  7. Izhar Construction
  8. Frontier Works Organization (FWO)
  9. NESPak
  10. PE&CC (Pakistan Engineering & Construction Company)

These are the topmost construction companies in Pakistan having vast experience of providing quality work in time for many years.


To conclude we may say that Construction companies not only provide Civil engineering, contractor, procurement, and construction services but also consulting services in addition to their clients who hire them for any construction purpose. To assure adequacy in the more technical areas of the projects, a construction company’s employment roster also comprises civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers. From the grassroots level to the top management, managers at all levels strategize and develop a timeline for the projects and ensure that everything is managed appropriately in the projects.

As far as Pakistan is concerned with the existing government facilities, the construction industry is thriving. It has seen a significant uptick in its expansion. As a result, starting a construction firm in Pakistan is now the most advantageous option. The government’s initiatives, as well as the general business-friendly climate, assure a high-profit margin in Pakistan’s building industry.

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