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Construction and related engineering services include building construction and civil engineering work, installation and assembly work, completion and finishing work. Dsspak offers you turnkey management and implementation services for all kinds of high-end construction and renovation projects. over 5 years of experience in residential construction, interior and exterior renovations as well as post-disaster work. Listening and customer satisfaction and carrying out your finest high-end construction or renovation projects.

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Our construction project management strategy is based on a comprehensive, forward-looking and innovative approach.

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Our property is to offer you results of which you will be proud, according to your vision and to respect the deadlines.

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We Offers incomparable expertise that allows perfect execution that will meet the expectations of our clients.

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We offers unbeatable prices in construction industry while keeping the quality of service at its best.

Best Ways to Make Your Next Building Project Efficient and Green

Sustainable construction is an emerging trend that is starting to make real breakthroughs in projects across the market spectrum. But while many homeowners are interested in the long-term economics and environmental aspects of green building, they often fear the perceived upfront costs. However, a recent Urban Green Council survey in one of the world’s most expensive cities found that while it may have been the case in the past, the basic insight that it charges more to go green is merely no longer the case. Dsspak is particularly the first individual construction company in Lahore.

The Urban Green Council report collected data on 107 projects in different cities five boroughs, of which 63 were energy and environmental leadership Wanted or had obtained design certification. Studies have been carried out for buildings with and without sustainability objectives. Data points include construction costs, design costs, incremental costs, and start-up costs.

The best way to achieve these savings is through a collaborative process in place from the start. Lean and the green only work if they are an integral part of the process and not as an add-on or addition to the project.

  1. Pre-construction planning and BIM

Relying on comprehensive pre-construction services is the best way to ensure a smooth, predictable construction process and a high-quality project that opens on time and on schedule. By launching this type of collaborative design process, you can develop a roadmap that accurately describes your project requirements and improves your ability to incorporate real numbers into the design. At this point, you can also effectively look at cost saving alternatives.

The areas to consider and analyze are:

  • Create opportunities to save money and build efficient landscaping.
  • Draw revisions to reduce errors and omissions
  • Collaborate with internal estimators on pricing and purchasing strategies.
  • Estimate and compare system life cycle costs.
  • Pre-purchase of equipment to speed up delivery
  • Checking the system requirements
  • Integration of sustainable construction practices
  • Implementation of cost control

An interesting way to complement this type of collaboration is to use cutting-edge technologies, such as building information modeling (BIM). BIM is an electronic 3D modeling method that all users can use to create drawings and elements at the start of planning and pre-construction. BIM also offers the ability to study things like time, costs, and the supply chain, in order to deliver project data in an efficient and usable way. This gives owners, architects, construction managers and contractors the ability to avoid problems and make planning and project planning decisions that save time, money and money. materials.

  1. Schedule management

By promoting efficiency in the design and construction process, it is possible to maximize the quality, performance, durability and ultimately the overall value of your project at the same time. Reducing waste also means eliminating time-wasting activities and keeping your project on time, on time and on budget. Time is money, especially in construction, but time also comes at a price in your expenditure on energy and resources. By streamlining every step of the design and construction process, you can make the most of the time, money and resources allocated to your project. To achieve this, it is essential to work with a construction company that has a solid reputation for reliable planning and who keeps all parties involved on a tight, fixed schedule. It is essential to use a project blueprint that notes and flags pre-construction milestones for key deliverables and other critical path activities.

The typical categories of a master’s program are as follows:

  • Design of deliverables
  • Estimated deliveries
  • Decision dates before construction
  • Building permits and approvals
  • Acquisition and early launch of design software packages
  • Core road construction activities
  • Commissioning and commissioning actions
  • Owner moving activities

The project schedule is updated and refined during the pre-construction phase to reflect the latest decisions and information. During construction, your project manager should complete this schedule with three-week advance calendars, which can be sent weekly to your project team, design team, key contractors, and other contractors. ‘other advisers. These specialized programs provide a more detailed picture of the work to be done in the coming weeks and ensure that all transactions understand their weekly deadlines and the relationship between job size and other transactions.

Another way to make a project run optimally and optimally is to use just-in-time construction principles. With this method, materials are procured and delivered on a tight and demanding schedule, reducing total costs and storage costs and maximizing efficiency. The end result is a construction plan that can be used during all phases of construction and requires less space on the construction site for materials, ensuring a greener construction site with lower overhead costs and less. of waste. Our construction team is well aware of all these factors to complete task with perfection.

  1. Selection and supply of materials

While homeowners and architects in the past have had to choose between meeting brand standards and using sustainable materials, as green buildings gain popularity and demand, more and more materials are produced that meet standard,. aesthetic and durability.

Consider partnering with a construction company with national experience and local contacts to help them purchase locally sourced supplies and materials where possible. But not all materials can be obtained locally. Sometimes it is necessary to use materials from other parts of our countries, and working with a national company also makes it a painless process. Our experience in sourcing from national and international suppliers gives us the unique opportunity to find the exact materials your project requires, while meeting all budgeting and planning goals and generally in the most efficient and effective manner. ecological.

  1. A comprehensive plan to reduce waste

According to the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency, more than 130 million tonnes of construction waste is dumped in landfills in the Pakistan each year, more than half of which comes from construction and renovation commercial. This is not just a waste and an environmentally unfriendly problem, it is a costly problem for all involved.

While removing the workplace may not be high on your budget item list right now, it is one item that needs serious consideration. More state and federal regulations are coming that will limit the use of landfills and impose fees on those who do. This makes the reduction and recycling of workplace waste a crucial part of any construction project plan. If you choose to consider waste treatment and recycling early in the process, you save time and money and can make your project more efficient with resources.

Here are three simple actions to consider to free you from construction worries:

  • Track your waste – From an efficiency and accountability perspective, looking at what and how much material ends up in the waste container at the construction site can tell you a lot about your crews and your business contractors. Having a team that regularly monitors the waste stream in the workplace is a great way to assess the efficient use of materials.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Although many discussions begin with recycling, the best way to think about the construction waste process is to reduce, reuse, recycle, in that order. The largest components of waste on most construction sites – cardboard, wood and drywall make up 75% of all waste on the construction site, but is fully recyclable. Other ways to save and save money include saving existing materials that can be resold or donated, resulting in less waste and tax savings. In many cities, not-for-profit building material centers have been established to receive and then distribute these discarded materials.
  • Local resources are vital: Builders are only one group that should be involved in reducing construction waste. Others are waste haulers, recyclers, local construction product manufacturers and landfill operators. Using local businesses not only helps local businesses and reduces your ecological footprint, but it also allows you to get the best information about local and regional rules and regulations from people who know them closely.
  1. Secure jobs save money

Maintaining a safe work environment is not only essential to reducing waste and the overall environmental impact of your project, it is essential to help protect your business and your business’ bottom line. Strong safety programs prevent injuries, save lives, reduce liability and the risk of lawsuits. Development of guidelines, training programs and a company culture around safety is essential, and everyone involved in your project, from field staff to office workers to executive management, should be on board and committed to creating safe environments and injury free and to exceed and exceed industry standards in all aspects of safety. Making sure everyone comes home safely should be your primary goal, every day, every job. Dsspak is well aware of all local safety laws.

A comprehensive safety program includes:

  • Provide safety training to all employees and contractors.
  • Create feature-specific security plans, taking into account unique aspects of the project.
  • Only work with subcontractors with exceptional safety qualifications
  • Have inspectors on site who are trained and certified by OSHA in CPR and first aid.
  • Carry out periodic periodic safety inspections at all workplaces
  • Apply a zero tolerance policy for unsafe practices
  • Strict compliance with the receipt of insurance certificates and contracts signed for each supplier and subcontractor on site.

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