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Construction Contractor

Above all, DSS Construction Contractor Company does not just build houses. We create something more – something that gives people support, gives strength and inspires peace of mind. How do we do it? Our staff just pay maximum attention to details – we create comfort and coziness. We collaborate with professionals from a variety of backgrounds (architects, engineers, building managers, lawyers, etc.). Even more, we own the responsibility of work done by our staff.

The construction contractor “Door Step Services (DSS)” began its history in 2015 as a small contract organization. Over the years, We have transformed into a large multi-profile structure that continues to grow rapidly. A large team of professionals is working hard on every project, acting like a single mechanism. Due to the high level of business processes, we can monitor all stages of construction, which positively affects the quality of the proposed living space. DSS builds not only residential buildings. Among our projects, there are commercial and social facilities. In addition, the company has dozens of successfully implemented hospitals, schools, fire stations, police stations.

DSS is one of the largest construction contractor company in Lahore. DSS tries to keep fair prices for construction and fully fulfills all its obligations.

We have earned a brilliant reputation, becoming the embodiment of quality, stability, honesty, and responsibility. These qualities, as well as our approach to work, are marked by a number of prestigious awards from experts of the construction industry. We continue to strive to create something big and important, something that gives people support and raises them to the heights of happiness.


DSS owns the responsibility of delivering the best quality. Before buyers and employees, before the country and the construction industry. The managers of the contractor company realize that everything in life is interconnected. Therefore, any business should be done with dignity. So that it is not embarrassing to yourself. Demanding applies to the organization of work: the signed construction schedule for the team is an iron law that must not be violated.

The company has built numerous residential and industrial facilities in different cities, not only in Punjab but also in Sindh and KP. The contractor has received numerous awards and thanks for the high principles of doing business, social responsibility, and charity.

DSS construction contractor is one of the foremost spheres of human activity, which ensures the development of the state economy. We maintain the highest standards of quality and tries to ensure that each realized project not only brought satisfaction to the customer but also contributed to the development of our city and the whole country. Our team can perform any types of construction works and cooperates with both large companies and private customers. Above all we have a staff of qualified specialists ready to implement the project of any complexity. Even more, we are offering the widest possible profile of the services. It includes all types of construction work from the project and foundation laying to the start of engineering systems and roof installation.

DSS provides woodworks services starting from 2015 to Lahore. Certainly, we provide this service for house-building as well as commercial buildings. That’s the main market channel of the company. Our services meet all requirements of house-building standards. The production base of the company is located in Lahore, Pakistan.

Even more drying technologists and laboratory assistants conduct continuous monitoring of the automated process of wood drying. Highly qualified designers and technologists work on optimization of all woodworking processes. Likewise, they try to introduce new types of products, brigade masters-floorers and produce the installation of our floors at customer sites. We really appreciate our employees, because they are the ones who are moving our company forward and upwards.

Certainly, the modern technological production makes it possible to manufacture various types of industrial and household products from glass, crystal, and ceramics.

While crystal products are traditionally used in the design of living quarters. As a rule, glassware, interior items (lamps, vases, decorative stands, furniture decor elements) are made of rock crystal. Crystal is a heavy and durable material, so it rarely appears scratches and chips. The most loyal requirements to the quality of products are used in everyday household items made of glass. For example, interior items can be manufactured using different technologies, and not all of them meet the requirements. Nevertheless, well-known manufacturers provide high-quality products.


One of the largest enterprises of Lahore for the development and production of composite products (fiberglass), which has been operating since 2015. DSS is a modern diversified enterprise, the main activity of which is the production of fiberglass products, the development, and production of equipment (master models, matrices). Even more, the main specialization is the development and production of products from composite materials for the machine-building and fuel-energy complexes of the country and the near abroad.

Above all, fiberglass is a polymeric material whose production technology allows the product properties to be programmed with high precision: bulk density, strength, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, fire resistance, color, shape.


The device of floors belongs to the category of interior finishing of buildings or their individual rooms. A durable and high-quality floor will provide comfort and coziness in a house or other room. High level of qualification of the professionals of our company makes it possible to guarantee the quality performance of the following types of services:

  • Wooden floor;
  • Stone floor;
  • Marble floor;
  • Ceramic tile floor;
  • Laminate floor;
  • Carrying out of dismantling works (replacement of old, poor-quality screed).

DSS manufactures suspended ceilings from high-quality PVC film. Our goal is to implement bold ideas and design solutions. Each client will be able to choose from us a stretch ceiling, which corresponds to individual wishes and the intended style of the interior, as well as to calculate its cost using a convenient calculator. We will install for you any stretch ceilings: monochrome glossy or with photo printing of the drawing you like.

DSS offers you a wide choice of colors and textures, including matte, satin, lacquer textures and also ceilings from inexpensive materials. We produce an installation of two-level and multi-level stretch ceilings, starry sky. To apply for an order, you need to decide on the color, type and texture of your future ceiling in the apartment or house.

DSS is one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Lahore. The company has been manufacturing high-quality office table, chairs and cabinet furniture since 2015, making millions of people happy with its original interior solutions. Recognition of buyers allowed the company to expand its presence in the market and move on to the development of new segments. Today DSS has a powerful production base and a wide dealer network.

The company has a wide range of distinguished products. Dozens of office furniture collections of different price range are available to consumers. Even more, each product has a unique design, rich functional content, and reliability of structures. We produce furniture items in several colors at once in order to take into account the preferences of customers.

Melting furnaces are plants that are capable of processing and melting metals at high temperatures. Recently, melting furnaces based on induction heating technology have become popular. To explain the popularity of induction heating is very simple because it has many advantages and at the same time is a universal method of thermal heating. Melting furnaces have a long service life, as well as high productivity.

The main task of a melting furnace is the melting of metal. However, this induction heating plant can also be used for heat treatment of the metal. If you set the desired temperature and control the workflow.

To satisfy the uniqueness of your molding projects – DSS offers you technologies geared to maximum molding performance. By its approach, it contributes to the optimization of the overall cost of your production.

Our understanding of your needs is based on our ability to gather your information and analyze it. With DSS, your company benefits from ingenious solutions to achieve high-quality, high-performance plastic injection molding results and a reduction in the overall cost of your production.

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