Costs of construction plans

Costs Associated with Developing a Construction Plan

If you want to build, you need a plan first – detailed plans of a building project must also be included in the building application for the building permit, without which one usually cannot build the first place. The DSSPak experts explain what are the costs involved in the development of the construction plan and what are the costs to foresee for a plan developed later for an existing building.

Question: What are the costs associated with developing a construction plan?

First of all, you have to distinguish if you need to plan a new building (building application) – or if a plan of an existing building needs to be drawn up.

architectural drawingsThe costs of a construction plan are made up of different points. When planning the building, it is imperative to contact an architect, as only architects are allowed to submit construction requests. The fees that the architect may charge are calculated from:
  • the (estimated) costs for the entire construction project
  • the complexity of planning and
  • the architect’s individual planning effort

Net construction costs (excluding property costs and development costs) are used as “billable costs” for the calculation of costs. The complexity is determined by selecting what is called a range of fees (from HZ I to HZ 5). Tariff zone I correspond to very simple buildings like a warehouse, single-family homes generally fall into HZ III or HZ IV, depending on the type of construction.

An architect can claim the individual planning effort by applying the maximum, minimum, or average rate for the respective fee range. Even here, however, it is legally stipulated to what effort he can use which phrase.

Work phases

The whole work of an architect in building a house is divided into so-called service phases. They range from basic assessment and design of bids to determination of defects and requests for rework after completion.

If you want to submit a construction request and need the corresponding plans, you must at least carry out work phases 1 to 4 with the architect. These service phases represent a total of 27% of the total amount determined.

Create a plan of the existing building

In some cases, it may be necessary to have plans drawn up for an existing building. This is often the case with very old buildings where there were no registers at the time of their construction or where the documents were lost.

architectural drawings
Sometimes you need to have plans drawn up for existing buildings. If such a building is purchased, it is not uncommon for the finance bank to request a number of plans (usually floor plans, but sectional plans can also be requested).

The costs are based on the workload of a planning office for the construction, creation, and processing of the drawing electronically and printing. Depending on the type and construction of the building, very extensive work may be required, especially if a building is very sloped and has “twisted” dimensions.

Costs are usually billed at the per square feet rate, in general, you can estimate rates between around PKR 15 per hour and PKR 25 per square foot. Even with a fairly simple and fairly constructed house, the workload is rarely less than 12 hours, and often much more.

For a technical “inventory expansion” and the technically correct calculation of the living area, a surcharge of between 5 PKR / feet² and 8 PKR / feet² is recommended.

Question: What determines the cost of making plans in the plan?

House Floor Plan
The cost of a building plan usually depends on whether it is a new plan or not. This is decisive:
  • whether it is a new plan or the subsequent drawing of plans for existing buildings
  • in the case of new planning: what construction costs are estimated
  • in the event of new planning: in which price range the building to be constructed is located
  • In the case of new planning: how much the architect must spend on the planning

All this is therefore decisive for planning costs. Fees can be easily determined from the corresponding HOAI tables.

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