Deep fryer: characteristics to take into account

This weekend, you want to taste good homemade fries. There are several types of deep fryers and you don’t know what to choose. Do not panic! I regularly advise clients on buying a deep fryer based on individual needs.

Let’s look at the characteristics to take into account …

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The types of cooking are offered by deep fryers?
Although it is possible to cook French fries in the oven or in an oil bath over a cooking fire, in this article I only cover electric fryers. The electric fryer market is divided into two product categories: oil fryer and forced air fryer.

The oil fryer: The food is immersed in a vegetable oil bath, with a capacity of 1.5 to 4 liters, heated by a resistance that is located below the non-stick heating pan.
The forced air fryer: Recently introduced on the market, this appliance uses a very small amount of oil (a few spoons are enough), the cooking is done with forced hot air. This product will appeal to people looking for healthy cuisine. Another advantage of the product is the low smoke and odor emission. Please note that cooking takes longer and the quantities to cook are smaller than an oil fryer. Some French fries enthusiasts will find the fries in this appliance less tasty than those dipped in oil.

Features to consider
The capacity
The capacity displayed by fryer manufacturers represents the number of fresh fries. For frozen fries, this cooking capacity must be reduced.

Generally speaking, the average cooking capacity of a deep fryer is between 700 g and 1.5 kg. However, it is possible to find devices that cook up to 2kg of fries in one go.

The French fries basket can be rectangular or round with a central handle or on the side accessible from the outside.

The larger the capacity of your fryer, the greater the volume of cooking oil.

I advise you to adapt your fryer capacity to the number of people in the household.

The removable bowl
Some brands offer a removable bowl which makes it easier to change the oil and clean it. Once the frying oil is discarded, some removable pots are dishwasher safe.

Anti-odor/anti-grease filters
Many deep fryers offer anti-odor and grease systems. These filters are located in the lid to trap vapors and grease. It is possible to find permanent metal filters which are fixed or removable depending on the model or anti-grease and anti-odor filters with activated carbon to be replaced regularly. On the market, some fryers can combine permanent filters and replacement filters.

The performance of the filters depends on the selected fryer model and the brand.

You will not prevent the emission of fumes, nor the smell that occurs when you open the fryer to dip in or take out your fries.

Oil filtration
For tasty fries with fewer cooking odors, it is important to maintain clean oil. Newer models increasingly feature an automatic oil filtration system that starts 2 hours after cooking. Some fryers have a handy oil change indicator!

Details that matter
This small window allows you to check without opening the fryer, and thus prevents you from burns, the state of cooking of your fries, or any other preparations.

The timer
The timer allows you to control the cooking of your fries! Opt for a more precise digital timer that will ring when the cooking time is over.

The adjustable thermostat
Depending on the frying-based preparations, it is necessary to vary the temperature of your fryer. The adjustable thermostat will help you adjust the temperature of the oil.

When to change the oil?
With a deep fryer, it is possible to make frying preparations such as donuts, churros, fish, etc.

Your deep fryer is only for cooking French fries, the oil can be used for up to 12 uses.

If you make donuts, pasta preparations, the oil is changed after 8 uses.

For fish-based fried foods, it is imperative to change the oil after each use, as this will add flavor to the various salty and sweet dishes with iodine flavors.

A deep fryer is an appliance that can cause serious household accidents due to hot oil. I recommend the utmost caution when using it and any handling during and after cooking.

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