Different Types of Renewable Energies

The term renewable energy is a major topic these days. It is being discussed in all debates relating to nature, sustainable development, etc. Notwithstanding the fact that it is widespread, many people are not familiar with the different types of renewable energy that exist. Discover them in the article here.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is defined as when it comes from natural sources. The peculiarity of renewable energies is that they are constantly renewed. This makes them a guarantee of sustainable development.

Another particularity of renewable energies is that they generate neither waste nor toxic gas emissions. It is important to stress that renewable energies can be split into two groups. We, therefore, distinguish those coming from the sun and those coming from the earth. The energies coming from the sun are those responsible for the water cycle, the tides, the wind, the growth of plants, etc. Those coming from the earth relate to the heat given off by this one.

What are the different types of renewable energies?

There are several types of renewable energy. Here are a few.

Photovoltaic or thermal energy

Also called Solar energy, photovoltaic or thermal energy comes from the sun’s radiation. It aims to generate electricity. It is still important to nuance between solar PV  and solar thermal. Photovoltaic solar energy is that obtained by capturing solar rays by the photovoltaic cells of solar panels. Solar thermal energy is that obtained by heating fluid by solar rays. Both are, however, renewable energies.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is that obtained by the wind. It mainly aims to generate electricity. Indeed, it is installed a device with a  propeller. The rotational movement of the propeller, therefore, allows the product of current which is stored at a generator. For best results, wind turbines are installed on dry land in areas where the wind is blowing hard. These wind turbines are called onshores. Some are also installed at sea. These are called offshore.

Hydraulic Energy

Hydropower is renewable energy obtained through the use of water. It also targets the production of electricity. It is important to emphasize that this energy is almost independent of weather conditions. Hydraulic energy comes in several forms, namely:

  • The hydraulic energy obtained at the level of the dams: is poured onto turbines, a large quantity of water in order to produce current;
  • Hydraulic energy obtained through the tides;
  • Hydraulic energy obtained through ocean currents;
  • Hydraulic energy is obtained through sea waves and swells.

Are there other types of renewable energy?

In addition to the renewable energies listed above, there are others, namely:

  • Biomass energy: it is used to produce heat, electricity, or fuel. It can be obtained by combustion, by gasification, by pyrolysis, or by the mechanization of certain materials such as wood;
  • Geothermal energy: it is the energy produced by the ground. It is obtained by extraction. It is heat that comes from the radioactive decay of the fissile atoms contained in rocks. This energy is used for heating and electricity production. Note also that it does not depend on atmospheric conditions, unlike some other renewable energies.

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