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Electric Induction Furnace

DSS wish to introduce ourselves as one of the largest dealers of induction machinery and industrial production equipment over 20 years in Pakistan. We offer total engineering, installation & commissioning and consulting of plants as well.

Above all, we are leading Induction Plant Specialist in Pakistan.

At this time, DSS is also manufacturing all induction units for those sites which require special arrangements for power distribution when considering time and urgency.

We are making induction melting and induction heating systems to convert electric power with standard frequency 50 Hz and constant voltage into medium frequency 100 – 10,000 Hz.

We have been able to meet customers’ demands over years. Now the company also operates throughout the world. Certainly, we have gained many loyal clients and friends for our unique cost and time-saving technology. We at DSS love our work and would like to count you among our many clients and friends.

Our Products

Series Inverter: (Voltage fed) medium frequency induction melting furnace.

Power Range: 30 KW to 1000 KW

Melting Capacity: 30 Kg to 2000 Kg suitable for small foundries for melting of ferrous and non-ferrous.

Parallel Inverter: (Current Fed) medium frequency induction melting furnace ferrous and non-ferrous

Power Range: 20 KW to 4000 KW

Melting Capacity:

Types of Melting Crucibles: Dura line aluminum body coreless crucibles and steel frames crucibles with low flux guides.

Series Inverter Furnaces

The furnace and compensating capacitor bank from part of response circuit. In the series inverter, the capacitors are connected in series with the induction coil. Also, the power delivered to the load circuit is controlled by varying the frequency of inverter only. As the inverter frequency is increased in value towards the resonant frequency of the load circuit, the power transferred to the resonant load circuit is increased. It is not necessary to control the rectifier allowing the use of a fixed DC voltage source employing silicon diodes. The circuit has the advantage that the power factor on rectifier on the line side in 0.95 and is constant regardless of power input into the furnace. Also, there is an advantage in having an inverter whose frequency is completely independent of the load circuit and therefore it is possible to achieve full power right from beginning irrespective of load condition.

Furthermore, the bigger furnaces are now equipped with 12 PLUS Technology resulting in better incoming power factor lower IR losses, fewer harmonies, and substantial saving unit consumption. Light weight, highly autoimmunization, easy operation and maintenance. The latest technology for induction melting furnaces of 5.0-ton capacity and above.

The parallel inverter induction melting type inverter has the highest efficiency i.e. over 97%. The rectification and inversion are done using thyristor. All bus tubes and bus bars are made from electrolyte grade copper.

Induction Melting Coreless Furnaces

  1. Aluminum Frame Furnace
  2. Ideal for small ferrous and non-ferrous foundries from 30 Kg to 10,000 Kg.
  3. Top and bottom made out of high strength cast able refractory.
  4. Solid state power control system and coil is individually computer designed for matching and perfection to make it a super power saving system.
  5. Heavy Duty Special Grade Furnace
  6. Alloy side plates
  7. Low maintenance cost
  8. No mechanical capacitor
  9. Hydraulic and hand mechanical control tilting
  10. In this furnace, the refractory-lined crucible is entirely surrounded by a water-cooled copper coil which protects the primary coil from overheating.
  11. Also, these furnaces are available in the range of 5 tons to 10 tons.

Coreless furnaces are made for various frequencies

Medium frequency 500 to 5000 Hz for small units and special application.

Hence, the main use of the coreless furnace is in the foundry. It is used as a re-melting unit. Also, it is capable of taking a wide variety of charge material and heating it to the correct temperature with the correct composition with little or no contamination. Since the melt is fluid, there will be hydrodynamic forces set up by the interaction of the fluxes and currents which vigorous stirring, while this stirring will take place in all induction melting. It is especially useful in the coreless type as the whole bath is stirred. Consequently, this allows a wide range of charge materials to be melted economically with minimal loss of expensive alloying additions. Furthermore, the final mix is homogenous and the composition can be measured and changed quickly and easily.

Above all, the coreless induction furnace allows a wide range of different alloys to be treated in the same foundry. At the end of each melt, the furnace can be emptied completely and a different alloy started (provided that it is from the same refractory lining group).

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