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Electrician Services

We offer diversified electrical services to individuals, small and medium-sized commercial and industrial companies in Lahore. Even more, we are proud of our values, which make our company one of the most competitive in the region:

  • The speed of our service
  • Our skilled workforce
  • Performing fast high-quality work
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Listening and courtesy characterizes us
  • Efficiency and versatility

Whether you are an individual or a real estate agent, we offer our electrical services performed by our qualified electricians.


Electrical Inspection

Electric renovation Installation of heating floor wiring, change of electrical input, conversion of gas/oil heating to electricity, replacement of old-fashioned electrical wiring etc.

  • Installation of a generator
  • Protect the safety of people and your electrical appliances (freezers, computers, alarm system etc.).
  • Plan a backup system for your utility’s power cuts.
  • Tips and installation required for energy saving
  • Replacement of normal LED lighting, installation of a timer for lighting and various appliances.

Connecting heat pumps and water heaters

Electrical Service Contractor

DSS is an expert in all of the following electricity sectors: commercial, institutional, industrial and residential. Also, our electricity company covers the entire Lahore. Furthermore, all our electrical services comply with the latest laws in force. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the various services we offer for electricity:

  • Complete electricity for construction of new buildings
  • The connection of machinery and equipment
  • Modernization of lighting system
  • Installation, addition or modification of electrical panels
  • Electricity for new construction or renovation
  • Electrical input replacement
  • Various Service Calls

House Electrician

Above all, DSS offers certain services related to residential electricity. Whether it is electrical work for the new construction of a house or a residential building, all kinds of connections and floor heating installation. Our electricians are entitled to work on various types of work.

The electrical installer carries out and guarantees all connections to the electrical equipment present on each site. It ensures a distribution of electricity that is reliable and secure. The profession of electrician covers a very large panel of technicians specialized in electricity. Similarly, the number of specializations is proportional to the multitude of environments in which this profession can be exercised.

Electrical Wiring Repair

Above all, under no circumstances can an owner carry out the repairs himself and turn on the power again. The work must be carried out by a professional electrician. Certainly, all components of your electrical system including wiring must be inspected. Overflows can contain contaminants of all kinds that will have damaged the components of your installation and even weaken the insulation of your electrical wiring. Also, defective components or unsafe wiring must be replaced to minimize the risk of fire.

All of your electrical installation and connected appliances that are affected by water damage must be inspected by a certified electrician before being turned on again.

Commercial and Institutional Electricity

DSS offers all electrical services for the commercial and institutional sector. Also for new construction, renovation or maintenance. Furthermore, our electricians are certified and carry out the work for all your major projects. Our expertise allows us to meet all your electrical installation needs. It does not matter the kind of trade; grocery store, golf club, pharmacy, shops and retail store, restaurants, gas station, or government institution; school, administrative center, library, hospitals, you can call on our electricians to do your work of adding or modifying electrical panels, optimizing your lighting systems, connecting your equipment and more.

DSS works on industrial electrical works such as new installations, specific electricity projects, redevelopment, all types of electrical inputs and more. Also, the addition or replacement of electrical equipment, connections and complete electrical work for industrial buildings have no secrets for us. Above all, our interventions and all electrical work are done by professionals and are guaranteed. Check with our electrical experts for complete details on the warranty offered.

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