Fancy a soda or sparkling water? Soda machines

The beautiful days arrive with cravings for sparkling refreshments such as soda or sparkling water homemade. I’m talking about these water carbonating machines, very trendy for 2 years, being in the “Home bar” segment.

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How does the soda maker work?
The soda or carbonator machine turns plain water from your tap into sparkling water. Sparkling water enthusiasts thus save water packs and less plastic waste.

For regular consumers of carbonated water
These small machines do not require an outlet which makes them nomadic. Gasification is achieved by placing a gas cylinder in the machine. By a long pressure, the gas is injected into your bottle filled with tap water. This gasification operation is at its peak when you hear a “Pschitt”.

The use is very easy.

The selling price of soda machines varies between PKR 100,000 to 300,000. The gas cartridge can produce between 50 to 130 liters depending on the brand. It takes about PKR 5000 to 8000 per cartridge.

For occasional consumers of carbonated water
There is a space-saving system that makes it possible to obtain sparkling water by screwing a nozzle with a small gas cartridge onto the water bottle. The gas is injected into the bottle to obtain carbonated water.

The pros and cons of the soda maker

  1. Easy to use;
  2. Saving of purchasing a pack of sparkling water or soda and plastic waste;
  3. Cost price: 4 to 6 times cheaper than the carbonated bottle found in stores. A liter of water with a soda machine costs between PKR 20 and 50 per liter;
  4. Possible to add aromas while remaining very advantageous for the consumer. A liter of flavored sparkling water costs around PKR 70 to 80 per liter. The aromas sold are less sweet than a bottle of soda found in a department store.


  1. The gas cylinder is different depending on the brand of soda maker purchased. It is advisable to find out before purchasing the points of sale for cartridges compatible with your machine.
  2. For the occasional consumer, the cartridge is disposable and therefore requires replacement with each new use.
  3. Sparkling water from the soda maker keeps your tap water tasting.

When moving your soda maker, it is advisable to remove the gas canister to avoid any household accidents.

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