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Fiberglass Works

Above all, the quality, durability and sustainable sealing of projects made by DSS, makes it a partner of choice for your success. We will assure you a finished product that stands the test of time and requires a minimum of maintenance. The guarantee offered and meeting many standards, will allow you and your team not to worry and focus on your primary mission.

In addition, DSS’s innovation allows it to support you in your challenges and constraints. Also, we work with engineering and architectural firms to constantly push the boundaries and adapt to the needs. Even more, if you want a tailor-made project, unique and that will differentiate you, we know many styles and durability.

Using fiberglass technology for your residential projects is a sustainable investment. We will assure you the use of superior products, quality work, durable sealing, low maintenance and peace of mind. For new constructions, we are happy to work with architecture and design firms to meet your expectations. Whatever the size of the project, our team will be happy to make a free quote and answer all your questions.

Design of various fiberglass structures

Rely on our 35 years of experience in creating various fiberglass structures: balconies, stairs, steps, railings, railings, etc. Whether for a residential or commercial construction project, our structures are designed to meet your needs perfectly.

For the industrial sector, we offer customized manufacturing of anticorrosive parts, air ducts, retention ponds, tanks, dielectric parts, coatings, industrial bridges, etc. To ensure the strength of our products, we pay special attention to the quality of the materials we use. We have sophisticated equipment that allows us to serve you better. Our company has a team of professional designers, who do their utmost to offer you quality services. We are at your disposal to provide you with a free quote.

Fiberglass Repair

They offer multiple benefits: Water-resistant, maintenance-free, easy-to-clean, sturdy and extremely durable non-skid surface (resistant to stains, shocks and air pollutants), enhancing the value of your property.

Made on site according to your most precise needs. Resists corrosion, decay, mold, ultraviolet rays of the sun and other bad weather. Requires a minimum of maintenance compared to wood. Available in multitudes of colors and finishes granite or Garcia. 5-year manufacturing warranty.

According to the tastes, the specific requirements or needs of our customers. On-site manufacturing (projects of unlimited size). Superior quality products offering unparalleled water resistance and resistance. Also available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Fiberglass Supplies

By mastering our installation policies for all our products, we can offer our customers a complete quality control service. We are offering you our range of coatings with reinforced fiberglass structure. Our team has the expertise and experience to manufacture and install a variety of fiberglass products to meet your needs: retention pond, dike, tank interior, the structural element.

Above all, we are specialists in anti-corrosion at the factory or any other situation requiring urgent work, duct leaks, tanks … etc.

Our approach is also to look with you what would be the best protection solutions in different areas where electrical conductivity and safety are first-rate elements. We have been involved in several major projects and have successfully completed the mandates entrusted to us.

Fiberglass Supplies

Fiberglass, a material that, thanks to its positive properties, also finds its application in shipbuilding, automotive and in the aerospace industry. In addition to properties such as stability, longevity, thermal insulation and strength, glass fiber is particularly appealing for its translucency of up to 78%. This provides clear work areas that reduce daylighting requirements while creating a pleasant working atmosphere. At DSS, we are developing fiberglass articles for parking sheds, generator canopy, window shades, doors, boats, animals for more than 4 decades ago. Since then the company has been producing the product itself and using it effectively. The quality and suitability of the material for these applications have been constantly improved. This is done through innovations in starting materials and manufacturing processes.

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