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Fridge Repair Services in Lahore

The fridge or refrigerator is a device that is essential in every home. It happens, however, that this device breaks down. At DSS, we are committed to helping you repair your fridge or refrigerator.     

At DSS, we have been in the business of fridge repair services for several years. Currently, we have teams operating in many regions to satisfy the greatest number. We can repair your freezer/refrigerator if it is down. Thanks to their experience, our technicians can handle all brands of refrigerators, from famous to less famous: Dawlance, Haier, PEL, Orient, Samsung, Kenwood, Waves, LG and many more, the list is not exhaustive. We have been in the business for several decades, which has given our technicians some experience with the different brands of freezers.

Why call on professionals?

Using the fridge repair services of professionals to perform your fridge or refrigerator repair work, it has several advantages. First of all, remember that the refrigerator is not just an electrical appliance: it is a device that turns energy into cold. It is therefore a complex device that requires experience and know-how. With the help of a qualified technician, you can be sure that the diagnosis will be reliable and fast at the same time. The same goes for repairs: the technician knows what he is doing and repairs your refrigerator according to the rules of the art. Thanks to his experience, he knows when a repair is interesting or not. In some cases, replacing some defective parts is so expensive that it becomes more interesting to buy a new refrigerator. Furthermore, a fridge repair services provider will be able to warn you about the wear and tear of the different parts. So you can replace them even before the failure occurs, saving you additional problems.

We repair leakage problems in your refrigerator

There are several factors that can cause a refrigerator to leak: a faulty valve, a pipe that is punctured, a de-icing water drain pipe out of order, and so on. Be that as it may, it is important for a professional to be able to make an accurate diagnosis in order to provide the appropriate solution. Our technicians at DSS can travel to your home in no time to help you solve the problem.

Our job at DSS is to send you qualified and experienced technicians to repair your broken appliances. Among other things, we repair broken freezers. If you’re looking for real professionals to fix your faulty freezers, look no further – you’re at the right place. 

We solve the thermostat problems

When the refrigerator shows heating problems, it may be a problem with the thermostat or the defrost clock. As a result, the refrigerator tubes are cold and the refrigerator itself does not produce enough cold. Our technicians at DSS can help you solve this problem quickly. 

Whether for individuals or for professionals, the freezer is a very important tool. It helps keep food for a long time. When the freezer breaks down, it should be repaired as soon as possible. However, you have to entrust this task to a true professional freezer repair, not to the first handyman come.

We intervene as quickly as possible

As home appliance repair professionals, our role is to intervene as soon as possible when you are experiencing breakdowns. If you have a refrigerator that does not work, just contact us so that we can intervene as soon as possible and solve your problem. In order to reduce your waiting time, we have dedicated teams to different regions such as Gulberg, Askari Series, DHA, Behria, etc. The goal is to repair your refrigerator or provide you fridge repair services as soon as possible so they are functional again. We are the best repairers of refrigerators in Lahore.

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