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Geyser Repair

We provide the most reliable and economical geyser repair service at your doorstep. The current models of all existing electric water heaters all operate on the same principle. The geyser repair of any make involves the same functions and components. Even if you have bought your water heater from any supplier, we are able to repair it easily. We have several models of electric water heaters that we can repair.

What warms the water of a domestic electric hot water tank? There are two or three heating elements. The electric current passes through them. It is with the help of an electric thermostat that is continuously fed by the current that the heater determines the water temperature and adjusts the heating elements as needed.

Water softener

The water softener is responsible for a shorter performance and you will need to replace your water heater faster. If your water is hard. The mineral salts injected into your water by the softener will corrode the sacrificial anode rod more quickly. If you don’t change the anode frequently, corrosion may affect the actual walls of the hot water tank. Ask the manufacturer of your water heater how to change your sacrificial anode and maximize your investment. If you do not feel comfortable with this replacement, we will be happy to do it for you. DSS geyser repair service is at your disposal. 

Other difficulties could still affect the performance of your electric water heater. If you think you have any problem with your electric water heater, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our experts will visit the site to determine the best solutions at the best possible cost for your specific situation. We’ll give you all the information and recommendations you need, whether it’s for a residential or commercial water heater.

Condensation on the water heater

One of the most common concerns about the tank of the water heater is that it is possible to see condensation on the walls of the tank. Customers may believe that their water heaters are flowing when this is not the case at all. There are three common possibilities for this phenomenon of condensation which is not worrying a priory.
You can also observe the condensation when the water heater is very busy in a short time. For example, after the use of several detergents made with hot water, combined with the use of the dishwasher and several successive showers or baths. The condensation observed on the hot water tank will disappear. When the water is reheated by the heating elements of the electric water heater.

A water heater too small

Sometimes, you may poorly assess the need for hot water of your family at the outset. Or the family has grown or the addition of equipment has changed the usual use of hot water quantities. There will be a change in the consumption of hot water when adding a double bath for example. Thus, if the water heater is too small as compared to the needs of the household in hot water. You will see condensation on the outside walls of your water heater.

If you find that your water heater is less efficient than in the past. It is possible that this water heater is on its end of life, which is about ten years. Call DSS geyser repair services, we can advise you and assess your needs for the make or model of a new water heater or possible repairs. However, if you want to solve some performance problems, or if you want to extend the life of your water heater, the following tips may be helpful.

Cold water and water heater

You have just had your new electric water heater installed. You may observe condensation on you water heater or there are water slides on the walls. Water can even bead to the ground. This situation is quite normal, what’s more if you have an artesian well. Indeed, the water heater during its first filling is filled with completely cold water. This results in a condensation formation caused by the ambient heat of the room where the water heater is installed. The phenomenon is amplified if the water of the first filling comes from an artesian well. Whose water is drawn hundreds of feet below ground level? In contrast to a water pipe that comes from the municipal aqueduct.

Drain the tank of the water heater

At the end of the month, the sediment in your water heater accumulates continuously and forms deposits in the bottom of your water heater. You can greatly help the performance of your water heater by draining water at the bottom of the tank for the value of a water boiler. This will remove a large portion of the sediment from the bottom of the tank. Above all, this good habit to take is to be done every year.

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