Grease and Rust Stains

What could be worse on your laundry than greasy stains?
Difficult to get rid of. Especially the butter on your cotton T-shirt.

But there is a genius trick that can help:

you just need lemon

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How to do

1. Immerse your stained garment in hot water mixed with lemon (1 part lemon juice for about 5 parts water).
2. Leave on for 15 minutes, rub.
3. Wash the garment.
4. Rinse. With silk or cotton clothes, you can also directly pour hot lemon juice, rub, wash, rinse

Rust stain on clothing?
The trick to making it disappear easily.

How to do it
1. Squeeze 1/2 lemon juice (keep the other part of the lemon).
2. For a small amount on the stain.
3. Dab to soak the fabric in the lemon juice.
4. Add coarse salt to the stain.
5. Leave on for 5 hours.
6. Rub the stain with the 2nd part of the lemon.
7. Rinse.
8. Let dry in the sun if possible or in the open air.

Result And there you have it, the rust stain is gone from your garment.
And all this, in just a few hours.

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