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Number 1 construction company, Door Step Services (DSS) unites a unique set of skills in the fields of residential and commercial building, civil engineering, and real estate development.

DSS is a company specialized in the construction of individual houses and collective habitats in Pakistan. We offer you a complete management of your project. Also, the definition of needs, the feasibility study, the administrative formalities, the execution and the follow-up of works, advice and permanent accompaniment.

Created in 2015, our company works in the construction of buildings in new and renovation. The main idea is to optimize the construction from its conception while adapting to your project. Our team is composed of engineers, technicians and skilled workers who are competent in their trades.

We carry out your projects from A to Z.

Hence, the managerial model of the construction company is based on principles of autonomy, responsibility, and trust. Therefore, we promote the performance of each profit center, closer to markets and customers. This model is based on strong values: respect, solidarity, the primacy given to men over systems and the valorization of individual and collective initiatives.

More than a profile, we seek to recruit employees. Who are passionate about building and want to leave their mark on the territory. We always keep in mind the safety of men on a daily basis.

DSS strives to retain and develop skills through a human resources policy. That places integration, commitment, diversity, training, and safety at the heart of its action.

Construction Management

The strength of DSS lies in the combination of specialized know-how in the building and civil engineering professions and a unique experience as a general contractor.

“The implementation of a suitable methodology has made it possible both to make the construction process more reliable and to maintain the safety of the construction crews and the public without ever interrupting the activity of the station or the shopping center.”

The models of our houses respect the principle of construction. Which is based on the maximum exploitation of the space, while avoiding the loss of space.


New Construction Services

Building Contractors

Today, our company is recognized in the region as a mainstay in the building construction sector. We meet the needs of any clientele: individuals, businesses, communities, real estate developers. We can very well collaborate with architectural firms for major projects. Our craftsmen prefer architectural research while minimizing costs. We recognize among others the construction of houses, collective buildings and all types of building sites. Our skills cover all trades, such as earthworks, structural work, masonry, and finishes.

Trend, contemporary, traditional or innovative.


We are among the top ten builders of single-family homes. Employing 80 people (excluding subcontractors), we constantly manage 500 projects in Punjab, Pakistan. Respectful of the precepts of the law intended to protect consumers. Certainly, we have always had as a guideline to offer the maximum guarantees to our customers.

The company Door Step Services (DSS) specializes in structural work and the work of small masonry. We also build other types of buildings such as garages, agricultural sheds or building your pool.

The company has the best craftsmen and will be the prime contractor for your project. It is also possible to get help during the design phase, by referring you to specialized professionals for the realization of plans.

Developing its know-how in all the building sectors (housing, office buildings, industrial and scientific buildings, functional buildings, public facilities, and hospitals), as well as in development and real estate development. DSS carries out operations that refer.

With a synergy of skills, DSS is now concentrating its efforts on innovation to build differently tomorrow by bringing new technical solutions in a process of assembly. For additional information or any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

What makes us different?

As a responsible company, attentive to men and women, to their development and their security. Furthermore, DSS federates its teams around a participative management and strong values:  corporate culture and competitiveness.

Since its creation in 2015, DSS has built in many areas of the building and civil engineering. DSS remains the ideal partner for all types of projects, whether for housing, offices or public facilities. DSS has remained a human-sized company and has privileged the quality of relations between its employees as well as with its customers.

Internal procedures and ongoing training allow everyone to progress in our very evolving business (compliance with standards, environmental quality, technical performance …). Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers, by guaranteeing quality works at the best cost. Even more, we respect deadlines and constraints related to the environment.

Above all, the administrative and technical structures of the company allow it, with the greatest architects, to assist the contractors. We are offering our services from the conception of their project, and to ensure the complete realization. All the staff of DSS is proud, through this website, to present its organization.

Related Services


Architectural Designs and Plans for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings.


DSS specializes in woodworking, furniture and woodcraft. Our carpenters can transfer your bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen into luxury looks.


We are best glassworks company in Lahore. We are also dealing in aluminum windows & doors and stained glass at best prices.

Home Services

Plumbing, electrical, paint, AC and geyser service, and fridge/refrigerator repair and maintenance.

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