Household Appliances Purchases

Household Appliances Purchases

While nearly 30% of household appliances purchases made in 2020 were triggered by the context of the health crisis, this situation reminds us how essential it is to invest and reinvest in our living spaces.

Having become a multifunctional place – kitchen, office, or even gym – housing is being transformed to adapt to our multiple lives. Household appliances for their part also adapt to our multiple (in) lives.

Choose household appliances purchases according to your needs

Before considering buying a new device, it is essential to ask yourself the right questions:

  • How big is my household and how much space do I have? Obviously, the needs are different if you live alone in a studio or with others in a house.
  • What are my needs and the most interesting features to choose from according to my habits, my desires?
  • How often will I use my device?
  • What is the energy class of the product? If the product I want to purchase has an energy label, it is essential to consult it.
  • Finally, what is the repairability of the product? What are the periods of availability of spare parts?

After answering these essential questions, let’s take a look at the devices that can make the difference in terms of comfort.

Multifunction devices

If you are short on space, it may be worth considering household appliances with several functions: a washer-dryer washer will allow you to save space while optimizing the maintenance of your laundry.

The multifunction robots or combination ovens can be interesting culinary aids when it has a small kitchen. Even though the crisis has forced us to cook more, these devices make it possible to gain daily comfort by optimizing space and making meal preparation easier.

Time-saving devices

As we spend more time at home, why not invest, if you can, in devices that will lighten your daily chores? Think, for example, of the dishwasher or the vacuum cleaner/mop robot that saves time on these household chores, let’s say time-consuming. Note for the dishwasher, it can also find its place in small spaces!

Let us also think of products with functions such as self- dosing for washing machines and dishwashers which avoid filling the machine with detergent each wash.

Finally, steamers, active tables, or steam generators make the chore of laundry easier. The steamer will quickly remove wrinkles from a garment, while some steam generators, irons, and active tables automatically adapt their temperature to the type of fabric being ironed. Think about it!

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