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Pakistan construction contracts and tenders: facts, figures

Construction contracts

Every year, public contracts represent nearly 40% of available construction work. These committees have a total value of over 29 billion. To claim a share of the construction budget, companies must receive offers. The RFP process is the method that companies should follow to submit their bids for construction contracts. The possibilities for tendering vary according to the needs of the public and private sectors.

Sectors where public construction markets abound include schools, hospitals, social housing and roads. The housing sector alone accounted for over 1.7 billion people under construction in all departments. Tenders typically cover construction machinery, construction machinery, roofing work, special commercial structures, building repairs, building maintenance services, construction contracts and other related services. .

Local authorities and construction contracts

Local authorities have budgeted Pakistan spending for 2020-21 at 121.9 billion. Fourteen percent of this budget is expected to be spent on housing and 38 percent on education. Currently, Pakistan’s local authorities have several construction contracts underway and a number more are planned. Many of these contracts include:

  • Projects of the Department of Children, School and Family
  • Projects of the Ministry of Transport
  • Community and local projects
  • Ministry of Health projects
  • Projects of the Ministry of Justice
  • Projects of the Department of Culture, Media and Sports
  • Projects of the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Others

Budget rates are not indicative of the remaining contracts under construction for 2020-2021. Much of the construction contracts are tied to health-related construction projects. The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Children, Schools and Families also represent a significant part of the budget. Over 17 million will be spent on the Department of Health and over 26 million on the Department of Transportation will remain in this year’s budget. More than 8 million people are still in contracts that go to construction related to education.

Build the call for tenders process

The construction bidding process is similar to obtaining bids in other industries. Most companies simply find a RFP, select a RFP, and bid on the company. Since the government provides 25% of local employment, many construction tenders are public tenders. This is why many companies rely on public procurement as a critical source of income. The private sector may also offer tenders through procurement opportunity providers. Offers are available online, by phone or by email. Depending on the recovery mode, auction searches vary. Websites have been developed to make finding offers easier and more convenient. When offers are displayed in real time, companies that can quickly identify them have a competitive advantage.

Selecting a suitable auction provider is almost as important as bidding for the opportunity. Many tender providers offer construction companies more opportunities than others. The more opportunities there are for companies, the more likely they are to win a viable contract. Ensure that the procurement provider offers public and private tenders. This way your construction company knows how to find the best opportunities. DSSPAK is the best industrial construction company which completed multiple construction tasks at a time.

Auction websites allow businesses to search for listings by industry, region or other advanced methods. Upon registration, some websites collect company information to provide relevant email auction opportunities. When the company finds a relevant offer, a company representative will establish a PQQ or ITT. These documents contain questions that companies must adequately answer regarding the opportunity. The questions must be answered in full to demonstrate your company’s competitive advantage over other companies bidding on the same construction contracts.

Some companies that often request construction contracts may be tempted to copy the responses and paste them into the designated fields. While this saves the business time, the information is often irrelevant to the question being asked. If the information is irrelevant, the business will seem less aware of the opportunity. The reviewer then selects the next applicant who has provided a detailed description of how the project will be carried out. The company with the lowest bid that meets the needs of the project wins the contract. When the bid is successful, the construction company must meet the criteria set out in the bid, including the bid price. Those who do not can be punished.

Businesses that focus on municipal contracts need to recognize that small and medium-sized businesses are taken into account. In 2019 and 2020, these companies won 59% of all municipal contracts. This percentage includes construction contracts. These types of businesses are encouraged to benefit from local government budgets as well. DssPak take major share out of those percentages in construction industries.

Lesser value contracts

Contracts with a value of less than 100,000 are considered lower value contracts. Some contracts are offered below cost to provide services in specific circumstances. Many of these lower value tenders are often for construction, transportation, security and electricity. Businesses need to know that these contracts exist. Low value listings serve as an alternative source of income. Firms that perform well on these contracts may be eligible for further tenders at their full value. We provide services to all sectors of industries.

Changes in construction procurement

According to the Office for National Statistics, the local government allocated more than 13 million for construction in 2019. The amount keeps increasing year on year. Since 2009, the construction budget of municipalities has increased by more than 10 million. Each year, the budget gradually increases by 2 million, despite the global recession. Procurement of construction is a viable way for businesses to earn a sustainable income. We provide our services to serve the nation through our services.

Currently, the public sector accounts for 40% of total construction contracts, or more than 33 billion. Although construction contracts from local governments and other public procurement markets are a solid source of income, they are not the only source of income in the construction industry. Businesses should also view the private sector and others as a source of supply. This increases the chances of a business getting a valuable offer.


Companies looking for construction contracts will find more than 51,000 new opportunities on selected tender websites each month. Each contract is evaluated on the basis of the work performed and the duration of the contract. Construction tenders tend to have a higher value than other tenders because the projects are larger and require more work than other tenders.

Construction is a sustainable source of income for PAKISTAN businesses. Construction companies need to develop tendering strategies that demonstrate their competitive advantage over other bidders. This will increase the number of successful offers from the company. Companies that regularly enter into deals will increase their income and keep their business going. DssPak always manage its tendering strategies with due diligence.

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