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Mold Maker

At DSS Mold Maker, we design and manufacture quality molds for plastic injection. With our cumulative experience since 2010, we are able to predict any problem before it even happens. At DSS Mold Maker, our experience in plastic injection mold manufacturing allows us to design an easy to produce product with a robust process at a lower cost.

Each year, we make dozens of molds of all sizes (up to 500 g) and complexities. As the ultimate mold maker, we have all the expertise in-house. From the design of your mold, our team of experts evaluates its design, optimizes it and validates it before going into production. Thanks to these high standards and quality planning, a mold designed by DSS can produce more than a million cycles, with very little maintenance.

We operate a complete machine shop. Our equipment allows us to manufacture the molds internally, from A to Z. Any modification or repair being done at DSS, the production can restart quickly. Thus you do not suffer any delay or cost of transportation during this step. Moreover, all the tools are adapted to your specifications. Our state-of-the-art factory guarantees you a quality product, beyond the standards of the industry.

Die Maker

Each project is unique, we offer a turnkey approach including various services. Such as industrial design and any other technical request specific to your project. We design and manufacture your plastic injection mold. We also offer assembly templates, error inspection as well as all the automation adapted exclusively to your part.

Our experts undertake your project with you until production. Our team is made up of industrial designers, technicians, project managers, engineers, quality process technicians and toolmakers who will work together on your project. They will guide you through the choice of material and the design of your piece to get the best value for your product.

Plastic Molding

Our Integrated Product Development Process (PDP) ensures that all your requirements are validated at all stages – product design, tool development, process validation, and production. The PDP oversees the work of all trades at every step. Thanks to a well-defined plan of each phase, easily follow the evolution of your project.

Whether you require virtual stress or flow analysis, or physical performance, strength, or other tests, all elements of your product can be rigorously checked.

Injection Mold Maker

Our experience in manufacturing processes related to plastic mold maker allows us to offer you various options to reduce costs. In some cases, we may, for example, suggest grouping several pieces in a product to reduce production and assembly costs. In other cases, we may suggest changes to the design or manufacturing process to reduce tooling or production costs.

Our increased experience in APQP (Advanced Quality Planning) combined with our PDP allows us to design flawless design. Since all the specifications of your product are validated before going into production.

Die Manufacturing

We are a long-term partner, which is why we offer our customers complete solutions and services, from product design to delivery. All products meet the approval requirements of the current market. We advise customers on the type of press die that best suits their needs: material, thickness, volume, machines on which to install the die or the speed of execution.

The engineering department prepares feasibility studies for each project to identify the benefits of different solutions. We can develop prototypes of press matrices for customized processing according to customer needs.

Injection Mold Repair

Injection molds play a key role in the manufacturing process of plastic parts. They are expensive to buy and the operating losses are huge in case of failures. Any intervention must be fast. They are subject to modifications or repairs before or during their use in production.

This, in particular in the case of machining errors of fingerprints and cores, accidents in production, wear, or when the geometry of parts evolves after the project stage, or even after a first use. It is imperative that these interventions do not change the surface appearance of plastic parts.

Plastic Injection Mold making

During the die-making process, our quality department provides the steel dimensions of each sampling stage to meet your final performance and process consistency requirements. On the other hand, our quality team also measures the final pieces produced during press matrix tests by providing you with the complete dimensional report, using the most advanced and up-to-date CMM and vision equipment.

After production and assembly, we do your stamping runs to ensure that the die is working perfectly at a maximum level. At Matrix tool shop, we have our own press with press forces of up to 400 tons. We can test stamping dies with dimensions up to 2700mm x 800mm.

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