Tips for moving services


Are you changing accommodation soon? Apartment or house, purchase or rental, we give you all the keys for a move in all serenity.

Check if your new home has appliances

Whether it’s a rental or purchase, your new home may already have appliances. After identifying the devices that will remain, it’s time to think about donating (relatives) or reselling devices you already own. If your old household appliance no longer works, this is an opportunity to recycle its appliances by bringing it back to a distributor, an Ecosystem collection point, or a recycling center.

New housing, new needs

Who says new accommodation says new space! If you need to buy new home appliances, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. What are my needs? It is essential to begin by taking stock of your personal needs. The size of your home can for example guide you on the capacity of your refrigerator or your washing machine. If you move into an apartment or benefit from an off-peak rate at night, for example, choose silent devices.
  2. What is my frequency of use? Daily or just a few months in the summer?
  3. What is the size and capacity of the device? Large or single-family, apartment or house, choose a device adapted to the size of your home. Think about the space where the device will be placed to choose the device best suited to the new configuration of your home and your uses.
  4. Which innovations and which features are useful to me? Programmable, self-cleaning, child safety, silent device… Think about the essential functions according to your needs.
  5. What environmental performance and what repairability of my device? Remember to compare the energy labels at the time of purchase. The energy label provides information on the energy class of the appliance, its noise level, its annual consumption of water and electricity. Whenever possible, always choose the best-rated devices: they will allow you to save energy in the long term!

In terms of repairability, check the period of availability of spare parts; If you buy a front-window washing machine, look at the Repairability Index, which is a rating of up to 10 and indicates the level of repairability of the product.

Small budget, several solutions

To equip yourself with quality products without exploding the budget, consider looking at promotions from traditional manufacturers and distributors during sales. It’s the safest way to get good deals and get new devices at the best price.

You can also find devices in community spaces such as OLX or Daraz, which refurbish old household appliances and resell them at a lower cost.

In any case at the time of purchase, check that the device bears a CE mark, which guarantees that the product complies with European regulatory requirements.

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