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DSS’s goal is to provide you with high-quality, stylish office furniture at an affordable price. To ensure that every purchase pleases our customers, we source our products from the best factories and only work with the best vendors. Our pieces come in a variety of colors, finishes, and textiles to match any décor, and we even offer custom upholstery if you can’t find what you’re looking for. We’re confident you’ll find the ideal pieces for your home, office, or restaurant. If you’re stuck in an interior design rut, we can help you see your space in a new light and guide you through your style evolution.

Space Planners and Interior Designers transform spaces into offices. Creating space that is designed for today’s needs and the needs of tomorrow.

To maximize efficiency and floor space, we can analyze your storage needs to ensure staff have the correct type and amount of storage.

DSS understands our impact upon the environment, and we strive to make our business as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Our nationwide installation teams are efficient, respectful and thorough, ensuring a smooth and stress-free space transition.


“Our mission is to create inspirational workspaces by meeting customer needs and global trends with certified quality.”

Vision Statement

“Our vision is to develop mutual partnerships with organizational offices and SME workplaces by providing them with the best products and services, assisting designers with ultimate customization services, and meeting institutional demands.” We intend to obtain green guard certification for low-emission products and materials. We intend to build more efficient and productive retail channels in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. collaborates with Offisys Master Group

DSSPak was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating ergonomically designed seating for individuals and groups working at all levels. We have partnered with Offisys Master Group to bring best quality products to our clients. We epitomize our expert technology by combining ingenuity in foam, automotive engineering and textile.

Office chairs are appearing in a variety of settings, including traditional workplaces, co-working spaces, and home offices. But, no matter where you find them, your body and mind will benefit from our ergonomic chairs’ innovative support, alignment, and comfort, as well as health care. This series is a synthesis of style, comfort, quality, and technology that brings you a refined mode to rest your body. It is functional and ergonomic, with perfect lumbar support. Master OffiSys Private Limited is dedicated to the production of high-quality orthopedic office chairs. It is primarily interested in dealing with businesses and organizations that rely heavily on computer-related work.

Our product line is ergonomically designed and has been shown to increase efficiency through proper blood flow and prevent backache through proper lumbar support. It has been shown to prevent serious injuries such as backbone disc slip. A tired back from sitting for too long, or a head rush from working for hours, reduces efficiency. We ensure and increase employee efficiency and backache prevention because your work is entirely dependent on these factors. The Master Office Chair Series is designed to maximize human body mechanics by positioning the body to allow normal spinal posture while working and thus allowing it to function optimally.

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Executive Chairs

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Office Chairs

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Institutional Chairs

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Revolving chairs are the most popular computer seats because the swinging action allows you to move around without twisting your body. These chairs are also height-adjustable, allowing you to sit at any comfortable height. For added comfort, some models include adjustable armrests and headrests. The cost of these seats varies from low to high, although they are generally affordable. Executive and managerial office chairs, as well as presidential office chairs, are expensive. These are big computer chairs that are also among the most expensive. They can be made of leather, suede, or other sturdy and comfy materials, and they typically have a high back for added comfort. We never cut corners when it comes to client pleasure. Furthermore, we assure our clients and potential buyers that our office chairs are durable and long-lasting. We’ve been in the company for a long time and have always placed a higher priority on client happiness.

The cost of this piece of furniture is determined by its features, quality, and the type of material used in its construction. The significance of this furniture item can be gauged by the fact that not a single physical office does not have it on its premises.

You should constantly keep durability and long-term use in mind when purchasing it. Office furniture is intended for long-term use, and purchasing low-quality furniture wastes business resources.

Office chairs are commonly found in furniture showrooms and stores that specialize in office furniture. On the website, you can look at the styles and pricing of office furniture items and contact us. We want to make it simple for individuals to look for furniture online and get in touch with us. 

Now that you’ve learned a few amusing facts about office chairs, why not get some for yourself and your coworkers? We have a large selection of office chairs for sale on High back office chairs, low back office chairs, staff office chairs, executive office chairs, and more are all available.

We send across Pakistan in good packing, despite the fact that we have a large selection of office chairs online in Pakistan. So, once you’ve decided on your office chairs, please contact us at the numbers below. Your order will be shipped as soon as feasible.

The design of these chairs is also well-known. It assists the person sitting in proper posture in reducing work-related stress. They include an adjustable seat, backrest, and headrest, which is ideal for an office setting to provide employees with a relaxing environment. If you work long hours, ergonomic seats are the best choice for your office.

Executive Office Table Set

Are you looking for a desk for your executive office? If so, you’ve come to the correct place!, Pakistan’s No. 1 Furniture Website, has a large selection of executive tables, also known as CEO tables, to pick from.

Almost all executive tables are L-shaped, with drawers and file cabinets on one side and a side rack on the other. The side rack is primarily what distinguishes CEO or Managerial tables from the rest of the office table type. However, depending on their needs, some people choose to have tables with side racks in their offices. The standard table size is 5 x 3 feet, but this depends on personal preference as well as available space. Some executive offices, for example, have tables that are 7 x 3 feet in size, while others have a gorgeous 4 x 2 foot table.

An executive table usually costs Rs 15,500 as a starting point. However, the cost varies depending on the table’s size and style. Executive tables are often composed of laminated engineered wood, but some people prefer tables made of natural wood veneers. And, of course, such tables are more expensive. A nicely crafted table in Sheehsam Wood Veneer should cost around Rs 35,000 as a starting point. After then, the sky is the limit. Laminated engineered wood, on the other hand, offers a wide range of color and design options.

The biggest advantage of purchasing an executive table online is the ease with which it can be done. You don’t need to go to a lot of furniture stores to locate a product that completely meets your needs and complements your office concept. Second, you can browse a large choice of products from the convenience of your own office. Last but not least, you may quickly compare the pricing of other products. Simply put, buying online saves time, allows you to see a larger selection, and allows you to compare costs to pick the perfect piece within your budget.

An online furniture consumer is constantly wary about the product’s quality, and here at, we place a premium on product quality. When looking for an executive table for sale, be sure you check the following boxes:

  • The table is the right size for your space.
  • The table’s color complements your office’s theme.
  • You’ll get a warranty if the product breaks.
  • The table is well designed and adds to your regular work routine.

We provide an office layout design service. This means you may always contact us if you’re unsure about the size you should purchase. This will simplify your decision-making and give you whatever you require in your office.

So, the next time you want to buy an executive office table online in Pakistan, remember that we are here to help you.

Executive Desks

Manager Desks

Work Stations

Office Workstation Table allows you to search through listings of workstation desks, office tables, and center tables for sale by various dealers and sellers. You can look at the various designs and styles of this office furniture item, as well as their prices, and then contact their sellers or dealers.

Looking for the ideal office table to complement your workspace? You’ve arrived at the right place! It can be difficult to find a table that matches the rest of your office’s decor. It is critical to choose a piece that not only complements the other furniture but also improves the overall mood of the workplace. It’s not easy to find a table where you can work comfortably. But that’s why we’re here to help. With a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, our excellent product gallery will teach you everything you need to know about office tables.

On our website, we sell both domestic and imported tables. Your office table is where you keep all of your personal belongings, so it must be the right fit. We not only have office desks, but also computer desks, conference tables, and filing cabinets. Prices for the tables can range from PKR 4,000 to PKR 50,000 or more, depending on the design and size. They differ in terms of design, size, and woodwork. You won’t have to worry about that because the prices are so varied. There are also table and chair sets available, as well as single tables.

High Quality Office Tables

Meeting Tables

Meeting Tables

Conference Tables

Conference Tables

Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables

Wooden Office Computer Table (Desk) and Chair | PC Table

Offices require various types of furniture in order to create a positive work environment and allow employees to work professionally. An office table is a piece of office furniture that is commonly found in all offices. These executive tables represent employees’ workstations and are used to store computers, files, and other office supplies.

This item is most likely to be found in furniture showrooms and shops that sell office desks. These meeting tables vary in style and size to accommodate the needs and requirements of various offices. This piece of furniture is available in both wood and iron. Drawers are sometimes attached to these tables to allow employees to keep important files in the lock-up.

You should be cautious about the quality of this furniture item when purchasing it. Because office furniture is intended for long-term use, you should purchase high-quality furniture to ensure its durability. Office tables are likely to be available in the market at a variety of prices that vary depending on the features and materials used in the production of this furniture item.

Office Visitor Chair

Do you work in a large office? Do you get a lot of people in your office? The best visitor seats are available for purchase on our website. We offer you the opportunity of purchasing products through an online sale from the comfort of your own home. Our guest seats are now available in a number of materials, including mesh, leatherette, and fabric. For a unique look in your office settings, look for visiting chairs with a sled base shape.

Which chair brand is the best? The solution is straightforward. You’ve arrived at Pakistan’s best brand. Our visiting seats add a nice touch to the business environment.

If you want to create a large waiting area in your business, placing a bulk order from this internet retailer is a good idea. Elegant office visitor chairs in decent and colorful hues to match your office theme can be found here.

The cost of visitor chairs in Pakistan is determined by a number of factors. These factors, such as the chair’s material and quality, have an impact on the chair’s price. At, the cost of guest chairs varies. You can find both inexpensive and expensive office seats, depending on your needs.

Office Sofa Set

Office sofas are typically utilised in the reception area of offices to provide seating for guests and visitors while they wait. However, their use is not limited to the office space; they can also be employed in other parts of the workplace.

This office sofa set is available in a variety of styles on the market. You should, however, choose the one that best meets your requirements. The cost of office couches and chairs is determined by the quality of the materials used in their manufacture as well as the design. It is essential that you get high-quality office furniture that is both robust and long-lasting.

Office sofas may be found only in furniture showrooms or stores that specialise in office furnishings. Office sofas are available in a variety of sizes with varying seating capacities. However, you should purchase a package that meets your requirements.

A range of office sofas is available for purchase from various providers. You can look at several office sofa designs on the internet, with costs shown next to each listing. We’ve also included the sellers’ contact information. When contacting any furniture vendor, please specify the website’s name.

Conference Round Table

All meetings take place at the conference table in a company’s or corporation’s conference room. We have a large selection of conference tables for you to pick from at at a very reasonable price.

If you want to buy a conference table for your workplace, you need to consider the design and sizes as well as the price. We offer a free conference room layout service so you can determine what size of the table is appropriate for the space available in your office.

Conference tables, also known as meeting tables, are sold in Pakistan in a variety of ways. The cost of round or rectangular conference tables is determined by the type of material used and the size of the table.

The price of a conference table in Pakistan often ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 200,000 or more, depending on the size and design. These tables are often composed of laminated engineered wood. Some people, however, prefer Sheesham, Oak, or Walnut wood veneers. Wooden conference tables are more expensive because they are more elegant.

Calculate the number of persons you’d ordinarily wish to accommodate in your meeting space before deciding on the size of the table you’ll need when comparing different conference table designs. If 20 persons are expected to attend a meeting at once, a table of 22 feet by 4 feet would suffice. The general rule is that each individual should have at least 2.5 to 3 feet of space.

Online shopping is the most convenient way to buy anything, whether it’s furniture or something else. Online conference tables are highly convenient and only a few clicks away. Round conference tables, rectangle conference tables, and a variety of other shapes are available. You can get a wide range of options online. Simply put, you don’t need to go to a lot of furniture stores to get a conference room table. Just remember the following:

  • Your office ambiance is matched by design.
  • The proportions are correct.
  • You’re receiving a decent warranty.

Filing Cabinets | Office Cabinets

Despite the fact that most offices no longer maintain documents or files, some continue to use paper and keep a large stack of files at the office. The best method to keep them organized is to have a filing cabinet that appears modern and goes in with the office decor. Employee lockers are also a valuable piece of office furniture. It arranges the belongings of employees and keeps them locked, secure, and safe. Each employee has access to his or her own locker.

Cabinets and drawers are commonly used in offices to store documents and other office supplies. Cabinets and drawers are required for all other office furniture and are a vital part of the office furniture.

These pieces of furniture are likely to come in a variety of designs, styles, and capacities. However, you should only purchase products that meet your requirements.

Office drawers and cabinets can be found in furniture stores and showrooms that specialize in office furniture. The cost of these things is determined by their style, the materials used in their manufacture, and the storage capacity.

The quality of these furniture items is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing them. To ensure the long-term use of office resources, office furniture should have a long life. On the other side, low-quality furniture might lead to a waste of office resources. has a variety of cabinets and drawers for sale from a variety of merchants. You can look through the listings and compare different furniture designs for cabinets and drawers on the internet, which are all priced separately. The contact information for the various furniture sellers is included with the listings. Please remember to mention the name of the website when contacting any dealer.

Reception Table (Desk/Counter)

Online, you can purchase reception counters from a reputable manufacturer. A welcome counter can be purchased independently or as part of a suite with other office furniture. Whether they have a contemporary or classic design, these reception counters will add to the office’s class.

Look through this website to locate reception counter designs that fit into a modern workplace setting. These reception counters are intended for a single person to manage reception responsibilities. Purchase them from Pakistan’s leading office furniture manufacturer.

Online sale of a classic welcome desk made of wood. These welcome counters provide the office with a pristine appearance. The counter’s little carving on the wood makes it stand out in any office setting.

In Pakistan, there are a variety of costs for workplace welcome counters. Local vendors’ reception counters are far less expensive than brand-name merchandise. The price variation is attributed to the materials used, the manufacturing process, and the quality of the product.

Round-shaped office reception desks make their stylish presence obvious. These desks are suitable for use by a single receptionist. Round reception desks with a modern touch appear lovely in a to date office.

Rectangular reception counters are obvious shapes of reception counters that match indoors ideally. Most offices have a rectangular reception desk for a great space to treat incoming people.

L-shaped reception desks provide the receptionist with an extensive surface to carry out routine activities. These reception desks in a compact build suit a single receptionist. Others with an expansive space are suitable for more than one person at a reception counter.

For busy and large companies, U-shape welcome desks are ideal. These welcome desks can accommodate up to three people simultaneously. The curved edges on both ends of these welcome desks create a U-shape design.

Design Department

Today’s space planners, interior designers, and facility consultants believe in understanding the personal needs of their clients, and their communication activities are crucial in creating the ideal working environment. Master OffiSys Panels can be assembled in a variety of ways to create your ideal workspace, with a thickness of 28mm and a variety of materials and sizes.

Commercial or domestic, we bring our expertise to you!

We are expert in domestic and commercial furniture.