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Refresh your office seating in preparation for visitors!

Aramis is a holistic seating solution that enlightens your environment with its ergonomic shape, exceptional comfort, and body fit support. The elegant design and high-quality finish provide greater comfort to the sitter, making a lasting impression.

Comfortable, flexible, and contoured!

The chair’s premium cushioning, made of high-quality MoltyFoam, and spine-fitting structure serve as an instant stress reliever for visitors. To gain serious attention and build solid relationships, provide your guests with the highest level of comfort.

Aura VC

The Aura family’s visiting chair provides an ergonomic fit for the sitter for a pleasant meeting experience. With quality MoltyFoam cushioning, relaxed armrests, and a conforming shape, the chair’s delightfully basic presentation locks a powerhouse of contour support.

Innovative Design & Holistic Ergonomics

The sitting has been custom-molded to provide unrivaled support for the spine, lower back, and hips. The chair’s supporting curved construction enhances blood flow to the lower body, allowing you to be comfortable and active all day. The chair’s pipe frame with rubber padding keeps it stable, making it ideal for use at home or in the workplace.

Genesis VC

Sleek design that works in any environment!

When price and time are limited, the Master Genesis’s sleek smart structure and ability to assist posture when sitting make it a go-to alternative. Superior relaxation with quality ergonomic support is provided by a spine-fit structure, molded seats, and exceptional flexibility offered by a quality piping structure.

The ideal choice for a stylish and comfy working environment!

The Master Genesis visiting chair has a welcoming design that accommodates an individual’s long sitting requirements. The chair’s intelligent design is adapted to each sitter’s postural needs, preventing backache, muscle strain, and stress.

Havana VC

Master Offisys’ mesh back chair is designed to keep you productive even on the hottest summer days. This chair is made to be comfortable for a long time. It keeps your back in good shape so you can give it all day.

Juniper VC

This chair by Master Offisys is your best bet if you’re looking for a combination of visual appeal and comfort in a single piece. It is both incredibly useful and extremely comfortable. It has a luxurious seat cushion that will provide years of peaceful comfort.

Lorenzo VC

This chair, which is part of the Lorenzo family, is designed to be an ergonomic visitor chair that promotes good business communication. The chair’s minimal design and premium MoltyFoam molded seating not only provide comfort and support but also make a style statement in the office.

Designed to provide comfortable living at an affordable price!

With Lorenzo’s straightforward design and high-performance assistance, Master Offisys is changing the idea of pleasant working. The chair’s basic appearance, along with firm support and lightly cushioned padding, makes it a versatile seating option for a range of scenarios.

Master Cres VC

With its outstanding contoured sitting, anatomy-friendly structure, and persistent contact support, this visiting chair from the Cres family is designed to provide superior comfort. To give his or her office a unique feel, one can choose from a variety of customization possibilities.

Natural mobility is encouraged by the structure!

The chair’s design and construction meet the high-intensity task demands of a fast-paced environment. The sturdy frame, along with ergonomic support, lets the sitter smoothly change postures. It provides the ideal balance of reactivity and comfort, making it ideal for modern workers juggling many activities.

Barcelona Chair

A classic simple work of art!

The meticulously crafted nave sofa is a real representation of luxury and sophistication. The small construction is perfectly scaled to give the lounges an executive feel. For its incredibly plain yet attractive x shaped base, the Barcelona chair is an iconic modern classic design that is sought after all over the world. To achieve a very smooth finish, the individual handles of the seat panel are manually cut, welded, and polished.

Comfortable Design with a Classic Touch!

The design is inspired by vintage foldable seats.

The chair embodies the luxury that Mies Van Der Rohe’s most renowned phrase “less is more” entails. The Barcelona chair combines contemporary design with superb craftsmanship. The design is influenced by both antique folding chairs and modern luxury.

W612 (Grey Cashmeer)

The Grey Cashmeer, which comes in a range of hues, provides enhanced comfort while maintaining a modest appearance. It’s like having the best of both worlds!

Exceptionally Beautiful!

Grey Cashmere is as lovely as its name suggests. It is expertly made to blend in with the décor of any location. It’s one-of-a-kind, trendy, and ideal for your home, office, or any other setting.


A popular choice for lobbies and lounges!

Due to its raw and organic vibe, the design gained a lot of attention in 1958. The sleek organic curves of the molded synthetic shell, combined with excellent cushioning, envelop the sitter. The chair’s simplicity, but its strong architectural flair, make it suitable for both offices and residences.

Chic, timeless, and forward-thinking!

The fascinating ergonomic design and unusual shape contours the body of the sitter, providing maximum comfort. It’s ideal for lounges, offices, and recreational areas because of its star-shaped base and a large range of sumptuous upholstery options.


Gratitude and simplicity!

The simple and graceful design of Master Stelios was created using a sophisticated 3-D veneer manufacturing method that allows the wood veneer to take on complicated shapes. The chair is highly adjustable and adaptable, with permanently attached padded seats for extra comfort and a variety of customization choices.

For casual sitting areas, a laid-back aesthetic!

Cafeterias and coffee shops are excellent places to clear the mind and stimulate creativity. Our elegant cafeteria chairs, available in a variety of brilliant colors with a chrome finish, not only look beautiful but also provide a great seating experience for becoming relaxed in the heart of the workday.

Anatom Student Chair

Master Offisys’ ingeniously built chair is ideal for lengthy periods of sitting and provides enough space to fill out vital paperwork or have a drink on the go. The chair’s thick padding keeps your back pain-free all day. The back is bent in such a way that you won’t have to deal with any irritating backaches or strains.

Wooden Cafeteria

Master Offisys’ Wooden Cafeteria Chairs will give your cafeteria a magnificent yet minimalist design.

Master Offisys’ Wooden Cafeteria chair will make your leisure time more enjoyable. It adds timeless appeal to every space it is placed in. It can be placed anywhere in your office and will serve as the ideal setting for lunch or morning coffee.


Changing the environment for greater learning!

Offisys Auditorium chairs have been meticulously crafted to provide the most sumptuous of all learning experiences. Learning areas have a powerful atmosphere because of the chic foldable design, molded chairs, and readily available resting alternatives!

Maximizing comfort for a brighter future!

The Auditorium chair is a top seller for a luxury theatre, classroom, or seminar hall setting because of its smart and attractive design. With premium molded MoltyFoam seats and several smart features that make the writing pad and other options readily available for use, it offers the ultimate comfort.


A chair that provokes thought!

The ergonomic approach is implemented in the auditorium chairs by Master Offisys. A comfortable sitting experience is provided by a sturdy writing pad, armrests, and folding seat encased in SCOTCHGUARD Master fabric. Liquid, stains, grime, and mites are all kept at bay by the high-quality fabric.

Ergonomic seating that will keep you comfortable as you learn!

The Master Offisys Auditorium chair is built with contoured seating and an anatomy-friendly structure to give superior cushioning. This auditorium chair has a sturdy folding mechanism and a high-quality writing pad, making it an excellent compact choice for seminar halls and classrooms.


The TRIO was designed with the best materials in mind, with the goal of making your seating moments as simple and convenient as possible.

Take Full Advantage of Your Training!

The Master Offisys TR10 training chair with wheels and mesh back is a fantastic delight for the seater. It has a separate extended space where you can put your stationery, notes, and other items you might require during a professional training session.


KIIK is a comprehensive package of comfort, style, and unique design that will undoubtedly boost the appearance of any interior.

Designed to make you feel at ease!

KIIK is a fantastic combination of comfort and style. It will make the best possible impression on guests. They will feel considerably more at ease and comfortable than they ever had before.

Commercial or domestic, we bring our expertise to you!

We are expert in domestic and commercial furniture.