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Paint Services

As you know, paint services requires time to devote. Between the choice of paintings for your living room or your future baby’s room. The purchase of the necessary materials (rolls, brushes, scotch tape, masking etc.). The preparation of the building site which passes through a room. If possible empty and skirting boards and doors covered with masking tape. Then the possible repair of the walls or the ceiling to be painted. Finally the work of underlay then laying of the painting. Performing oneself this type of work requires patience, time and a lot of energy.

If you do not want or no time to devote to this type of work. But your kitchen or your bathroom requires urgent painting work, you must address a professional paint services!

To create a project on DSS simply give us a call and describe your specific painting need, you want. Then wait for our home painters to communicate their price for the painting. So do not hesitate, our painters are ready to come and repaint your walls.

Wall Painting

Repaint or paint a wall and the ceilings of a house to see life in full color. With DSS home paint services, having a paint job done to renovate the interior paint of your home becomes simple and economical.

It would be a shame then to continue to support the red and yellow colors of the 2000s of your living room. Or a kitchen paint faded while it is so simple to give life. We cab give colors trends to your house just by painting a room with freshness!

Choose quietly the colors of paint you want to see to liven up your living room or give new life to your bathroom and our painters will do the rest.

Living Room Painting

The living room is one of the centerpieces of your home. If not the most important living space in your home. You spend many moments with family or friends, your children play there, everyone dines there. Therefore, the painting of the wall in the living room must be in accordance with the tastes and desires of each. But also match the furniture and decorative objects that are already there.

Choosing to paint or repaint the walls of the living room is a decision to keep you feeling good. More than the trends to follow, we advise you to choose the color of your walls. To start by painting a few bands of the colors of your choice and affix them to the walls. Some time to see which one holds the most attention of all on the long term.

Note that at the trend level neutral colors are currently widely used to paint the walls of the living room: white and beige but also other, taupe, light gray, pearl gray … Many color palettes are available to keep the paint your living room relatively neutral but avoid bland colors. You must choose best quality paint services to get the job done efficiently.

Kitchen Paint

The painting of your kitchen is subjected to harsh trials throughout its life. Likewise, splashes of hot fats, childish fingerprints doubtless clean, the moisture of the sink, heat of the oven etc.

So to keep the painting of your kitchen in a condition that remains pleasant and easy to maintain. Its ideal is to paint the walls regularly after washing them to remove any grease stains. Obstacles to good adhesion and the good performance of painting your walls in time.

Now that you are ready to do your painting work. It is a question of making your choice of colors of paint for the kitchen. The ideal will be of course to take into account its arrangement and, as part of a kitchen, the color of the walls of your living room. You are free to choose a color opposite to your kitchen furniture in the chromatic circle. Seems like a kitchen equipped in taupe painted with a plum color. Or to choose a paint color for your kitchen that is in agreement with the color of your furniture. Otherwise paint your kitchen like your living room (choose an aborigine color for a living room painted in beige or gray for example).

Baby Room or a Teen Room

Painting your baby’s bedroom, as well as your teen’s bedroom, should be chosen to create a calm and serene atmosphere, conducive to rest.

For the painting of the nursery, the shades must be soft and powdered to create a soft and reassuring atmosphere for your baby. However, do not hesitate to leave the eternal pink paint for little girls and blue for little boys. By choosing among the trendy paint colors of the moment for baby rooms that are lilac and green.

As for the painting of your teenager’s bedroom, the principle is the same … with a few nuances! The color of the walls must be soothing and restful. While not forgetting that your grandchild is working a lot. So the atmosphere must be as studious and encourage work. On the other hand, teenagers particularly like bright colors which, of course, contradicts the principles mentioned above.

Compromises exist to get truces in the household and not have to regret the time spent on your painting! No, we do not choose a painting for a teenager’s room in black or fuchsia pink. But we can choose a relatively dark paint color such as dark blue or purple. Which will be illuminated by its own very manly decorative touches for young men or very girly for young ladies. The ranges of paintings proposed being of an incredible variety. You will have enough to paint the walls of the room of your teenager without any concern.

For fans of brightly colored paintings such as red, yellow or purple it is best to paint the living room walls in matching neutral tones. Limit yourself to painting a wall or two in a bright color of your choice not to have to regret your painting work afterward! For more details please contact us.

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