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Plumbing Services

Whether for residential, industrial or commercial plumbing services, you can benefit from our know-how and experience. DSS has the capabilities and resources to respond to all situations. Our plumbing service also includes general maintenance and installation, made by professionals so that you have peace of mind! Thanks to our know-how and our long experience, we guarantee impeccable plumbing servicesWe remain at your disposal for a quick intervention, always with the same level of professionalism. Care, rigor, and precaution are our watchwords.

Above all, DSS Plumbing Services is complete and allow us to solve all your plumbing problems. Even more, our fast and attentive services guarantee you an efficient, clean and definitive work. With over 10 years of experience and seasoned staff who are dedicated to DSS cause to give you the best service, you can rest easy after entrusting us with your plumbing issues. Our team offers you neat work for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Even more, we can intervene with the installation, the control and the maintenance of any type of plumbing.

The Plumber

Our experts evaluate your needs: During your call, an advisor will take the time to evaluate your needs and will determine the cost of the work if possible. Even more, for a larger project, an estimator will visit your home for an assessment of your needs at no cost, no pressure, and no commitment.

You deserve a safe and efficient plumbing system: DSS uses its judicious advice to offer you the best plumbing systems adapted to your situation with an incomparable service.

For the best plumbing services at the best price: Competitive prices, exceptional service, and top quality products are what DSS offers you.

Emergency Plumbing

We offer a highly qualified drains inspection and location service. The purpose of this intervention is to see the general condition of the drains and pipes in color to detect the exact cause of drainage problems related to the accumulation of roots, counter-slopes, and subsidence.

Certainly, for all problems related to drains and pipes, you can count on DSS plumbing services. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment we can also inform you of the exact location and depth of the problem.

  • The intervention of a qualified and versatile team
  • The speed of execution and quality of work
  • All installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and overhaul of heating and plumbing systems
  • A responsive proximity service

Furthermore, our plumbers will immediately identify the source of your problems and fix them quickly. Even more, we guarantee a work of professional quality that respects the safety standards.

Plumbing Work

The company specializes in the installation of institutional, industrial, commercial and residential plumbing services. The range of plumbing services offered includes inspection, repair, replacement and installation of plumbing and plumbing fixtures.  In order to guarantee the quality of the work, a team of qualified technicians carries out the projects jointly with the owners.

Our plumbers will satisfy your requirements thanks to their experience and know-how. They cover almost all types of needs:

  • Unblocking drains and sewers
  • Maintenance of faucets and washbasins
  • Installation and maintenance of baths and showers by experienced plumbers
  • Installation or replacement of a water heater/geyser
  • Plumbing for toilet or water pumps in Lahore: your options
  • Plumbing services at a good price for a bathroom renovation

Estimates and recommendations are given by DSS plumbers without charge or commitment

Professional Commercial Plumbing Services

The company is specialized in the field of plumbing services. We offer various plumbing services with affordable prices. DSS offers the proximity of a craft company and the professionalism of a large company. Lastly, DSS strives to continuously improve its daily organization and to provide its technicians with training in order to obtain the best quality of service from our customers.

We are located in Lahore, we work with qualified plumbers, professionals and experienced for a long time. In order to guarantee an irreproachable quality, DSS provides its plumbers with state-of-the-art materials to carry out any troubleshooting work. It also saves time. DSS works by respecting all the rules related to the field of activity of the Plumbing. Thus works with confidence and serenity are made every day.

With its experience, DSS has developed an organization corresponding to what our customers are looking for: responsiveness to respond and intervene, technicality, communication and flexibility. For more details please contact us.

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