Quick and easy cleaning of your washing machine

Quick and easy cleaning of your washing machine

To avoid this reaction when opening your washing machine, here are some tips for Quick and easy cleaning of your washing machine.

Whether you are a lazy cleaning or a household fairy, this is how to avoid bad smells and mold very easily.

Number one: the laundry tub

It is possible that product deposits form over time especially if you use powder, in this case, it is very simple:

  • – remove the detergent drawer from the machine and let it soak in a container with hot water, if necessary use a brush to scrub.
  • – Finally, we wipe with a clean cloth to avoid the appearance of mold.

Number two: Descaling the washing machine

  • – Start a hot cycle (60/95 °) without laundry inside the machine, simmer for a good twenty minutes and once the window is hot, unplug the machine.
  • – Wait for the door to unlock (especially do not force it for 5 minutes max), open and pour 1 liter of white vinegar directly into the drum then close.
  • – Reconnect the machine and let the program finish quietly.

It’s ultra-simple & hyper-efficient we use this technique for all our reconditioned devices in order to eliminate all bacteria and lime.

Finally, it is also important to clean the drum seal. A lot of residues tend to settle there, especially if you have a washer-dryer. If it gets dirty when you run your hand, wipe it off with a clean cloth. you can use a soft brush, lukewarm water, and a little Marseille soap. Rinse, then dry with a clean cloth.

If you are lazy the two golden rules to respect to keep your machine on top for a long time if you like to scrub you can repeat the operation every 6 months

  1. Always leave the washing machine door open between two piles of washing, this helps to evacuate the humidity and avoid the molds responsible for bad odors
  2. We go soft on the laundry, to avoid clogging the machine.

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