Samsung Addwash will make your life easier

I can already see you from here, you have just run a washing machine and suddenly you realize that some clothes are still lying around here and there. Dirty underwear under the bed, a pair of balled socks on the dresser. Then begins the wait that seems endless, the one that sees you waiting in front of the door of your washing machine that you have just paused. In fact, the security of the door prevents you from opening it immediately.

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But worry no longer, this scene from everyday life will soon be just an unpleasant memory.
Because this year, Samsung is introducing the ADD WASH. This washing machine with classic dimensions reveals a hatch on its window allowing you to add laundry in the full program. Resembling the Door in the door of its compatriot LG in the refrigeration.
This can also be used for sensitive clothing that may escape some of the programmings that could be fatal to them.

Having thought of everything, Samsung engineers did not forget child safety. This second door can only be opened at specific times of the program, i.e. when the water level is low enough or the temperature is not too high.
This model will also be connected thanks to the iOS and Android apps.

The price of this Samsung Addwash is still unclear but the device will be available in Pakistan in the coming months.

Washing machine maintenance

We would all like to keep your washing machine in good working order for as long as possible.

But how to do it?

One trick that works in keeping your washing machine in good condition is to make a machine with white vinegar.
The method is quite simple, I give it to you right away in a photo:

White vinegar for your washing machine

How to do

To maintain your washing machine, just fill the laundry tub with 1 liter of white vinegar.
All you have to do is start a washing cycle at 90°C without pre-washing without spinning, leaving the drum empty.
You can also add your rags and mops to save laundry and save water. Result and there you have it, with this trick you will be able to keep your washing machine in good condition?
Depending on the hardness of the water, it is advisable to use this trick at least once every 3 months to clean and descale your washing machine.

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