Solar Panels: Is it really profitable?

Renewable energy is the modern solution these days. Taking advantage of free energy is attracting more and more people. Solar energy is attracting more and more curious people who no longer seek to depend on variable electricity prices or even sell their own electricity. The frequently asked question is: is installing solar panels profitable?

Zoom on the different solar panels, the selection criteria that influence the decision, and finally the economic aspect of the equipment.

The different types of solar panels

There are different types of solar panels: thermal, aero voltaic, hybrid, and finally, the famous photovoltaic. Each of them has its own function but all take care of the production of energy.

Solar Thermal Panel

The solar thermal panel is an installation transforming solar energy into thermal energy. The latter is used to obtain hot water or to supply the heating system. The panels capture solar radiation and absorb its heat which heats a heat transfer fluid. This liquid will then circulate in a storage tank in order to heat the sanitary water or the water for the radiators. A solar thermal panel, therefore, does not produce electricity.

It is often coupled with a backup system that takes over on days with little sunshine or during winter when heating and domestic hot water are in great demand.

Aero Voltaic Solar Panel

The aero voltaic panel is formed by photovoltaic cells and a ventilation system on the underside. Its lower layer uses air circulation to recover solar heat and is used for heating the home or for the water heater. Its installation is complex and makes it one of the most expensive devices with several constraints on its positioning and the space allocated to its equipment.

Hybrid Solar Panel

Hybrid solar panels combine the operation of photovoltaic panels and thermal panels. Thus, the captured solar radiation produces electricity and heat for domestic hot water or for central heating. Energy independence is the purpose of this kind of system. It is also one of the most expensive equipment.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel

The photovoltaic solar panel is surely the panel that you are most familiar with. It is made up of solar collectors that convert the sun’s rays into electricity. This current extracts photons continuously and becomes usable by adding an inverter which transforms it into an alternating current similar to the one you receive from suppliers.

Efficient and easy to use, photovoltaic panels can be used for self-consumption, resale, or energy storage. They are among the cheapest of solar installations and have a good return on investment.

The determining criteria in the choice of your solar panels

Several elements influence the choice of solar panels. Are you convinced by this energy and want to take advantage of it but don’t know which equipment to choose? Here are the questions you need to think about!

Your electricity needs

It is important to have a consistent idea of ​​the electricity needs and consumption habits in your home. Electricity needs change depending on the number of people in the home, your need for comfort, the average temperature in your city throughout the year, etc. allows you to know your average consumption. If you are looking to reduce the electricity bill, then it is essential to get help from experts to make an energy balance. In this case, take advantage of our expertise and benefit from a free study.

The use of the electricity produced (self-consumption, storage, and resale)

Regarding hybrid and photovoltaic panels, electricity production has several possible uses. Indeed, the electricity can be consumed entirely by the home, stored in batteries, or resold. The resale of electricity makes it possible to benefit from its installation to supply household appliances, light, etc., but also to earn money from its green energy. The current is sold to WAPDA in the daytime when the electricity production is at a higher rate. Whereas, in the nighttime, when the electricity production ceases, WAPDA sends you back the electricity. Which eventually helps you to reduce the overall electricity cost.

The Lifespan of the Material

Whichever panel you choose, you should look to invest in a long-life panel. The profitability of its equipment depends essentially on the longevity of the installation. Most solar panels installed by were last for a long time (over 20 years) and are guaranteed for up to 25 years, according to the manufacturer. It should be noted that solar panels have a very slight decrease in efficiency over time that is to say that their power decreases a little over time. This loss of power remains very low and the investment remains very profitable over the years.

The Orientation of your Accommodation

A smooth orientation is always recommended for solar installations because it makes it possible to produce a maximum of energy, whether electrical or thermal. It is important to position your solar panels in a sunny space. The more rays they receive throughout the day, the more energy they will produce.


Solar panels work with the sun. Your region and its sunshine have a huge influence on the performance of your installation. The light itself is enough, whether it is cold or hot.

The Place where your Solar Panels are installed

The solar panel configurations are multiple. On a roof with a strong inclination is one of the privileged places. On a car parking, on the side of a house or a facade, or on the ground, several locations are possible. Get help from professionals to find the best arrangement for your accommodation.

The Certified Installer and the Quality of the Solar Installation

To be able to benefit from the various state financial aids provided for those who are interested in renewable energy installations and solar energy, it is necessary to call on a professional installer. In addition, it guarantees you a professional installation and will ensure the proper functioning of the panels.

The interest of making an energy balance by

The energy balance is an important or even essential phase during this kind of investment. Thanks to our experts, you are guaranteed to have a complete and detailed idea of ​​the energy trends in your home in addition to general consumption. You will be guided and advised by our professionals to make the best choice of solar panels. We are certified and therefore have specific and proven expertise in the field of solar panels.

What is the Cost of Installing Solar Panels?

Complete photovoltaic installations, with panels, inverters, or even batteries, range between PKR 300,000 and 1,500,000. This obviously depends on the installed power, and therefore on the number of panels installed. These tariffs also include connection to the network, installation, and labor. It takes a little less if you plan to have an installation in self-consumption mode. These prices are not fixed since they can be reduced thanks to the financial aid offered by the State.

A good estimate of its needs is necessary to properly size its installation. In addition, the panels are given with power indications in Peak Kilowatts (kWp), Peak Kilowatts different from kWh, Kilo Watt-Hours, which we use to quantify our consumption.

Do not hesitate to call on experts or professionals like to better help you estimate the cost of an installation for your home.

Make your solar panel installation profitable thanks to the resale of electricity

The benefits depend on the panel and the modes of operation used for the solar panels. Thus, all panels allow you to save a lot of money on your bills. Solar panels are considered to be the most economical and cost-effective. It is possible to make it more profitable its installation if you have a photovoltaic installation connected to the network. The resale of solar energy is possible and depends only on two factors:

The output of your installation, depending on your location and the region’s sunshine. It is thus necessary to count approximately 5-15 kWh / kWp annually.

We must take into account the resale price of this electricity. Your surplus can thus be sold to suppliers such as WAPDA/LESCO. Or the installation resells all of its production, it all depends on the power of the installation.

It is thus possible to secure an annual cost between PKR 200,000 and 500,000 through the resale of solar energy, which makes the installation of solar panels profitable in the long term.

From the study of your situation, your home, and your requirements (and it’s free), to the choice of the right installation well dimensioned to your needs until the installation, we guarantee you meticulous work and guide you in all stages. We also support obtaining financial aid from the State to reduce the cost of the installation and thus make it profitable more quickly!

Solar panels: an economic and ecological choice

Solar panels are installations that are revolutionizing the world of energy day by day. Economic and ecological, you are guaranteed to make the right choice by opting for this equipment.

It is, however, necessary to take care to make the right choice in terms of dimensions or in terms of installation for optimal performance.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to obtain a free study.

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