Tips for a Good Energy Renovation

For a good energy renovation, it is first necessary to identify the major sources of waste. This will allow you to better structure your efforts and to properly define priorities for good results. The eco-conditionality of financial aid means that the work must be prioritized.

In fact, the roof represents nearly  30% of losses. Roof insulation, therefore, deserves to be considered as a priority. Then, in terms of sources of loss, we have the walls which represent  25% of the losses, and only  13% for the windows.

Insulating the roof and walls is, therefore, a priority over changing the glazing, contrary to popular belief. Only in this way can you ensure a significant gain in energy.

In addition, a change in the heating system, a replacement of aging or non-performing equipment, as well as the installation of efficient ventilation, are among other investments to be considered, for an efficient energy renovation. On, you will find resources to help you make the best choices for this purpose to equip your home accordingly.

Improving the performance of your home is a good idea, as much as to reduce your electricity bill as for the environment. Nevertheless, it would be necessary to proceed in a methodical way by giving priority to the greatest sources of wastage, without forgetting to resort to the various mechanisms in force or financial aid for peaceful financing.

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