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Types of Construction

Construction is a way of developing or assembling infrastructure in the fields of architecture and civil engineering. It entails creating a thorough plan and design, as well as assembling various materials and pieces to build a specific structure. Most people would see a building for what it is: a building. However, as a contractor, you perceive structures in a different light with respect to different types of construction. Building features such as the structure, walls, floors, and roof all reveal the level of a structure. Typically, these projects are overseen by a project architect, construction engineer, or construction manager and managed by a project manager.

Definition of Construction:

Construction is the process of building something. Construction is what you do when you’re building a house or a mall, a mansion, or when you’re building a bridge. Construction is the process of putting in brick, concrete, stone or steel. Moreover, it is the process of putting in fire and electricity, and it’s the same for other things such as plumbing, and even agriculture.

Building Classification:

Buildings are classified into five classes based on their construction:

  • Fire-resistant,
  • Non-combustible,
  • Ordinary,
  • Heavy timber,
  • Wood-framed.

Types of Construction/Building:

Construction is what most people think of when they hear the word, “building.” People are so used to big buildings and huge construction projects that a lot of people are unaware of the different types of construction. In this article, we will go over the different types of construction, and how they’re often used in different parts of the world.

When we talk about the structure of a building there are four major types that include:

  1. Residential building,
  2. Institutional and commercial building,
  3. Specialized industrial construction,
  4. Infrastructure, and heavy construction.


  1. Residential Building:

Choose the right construction contractorThe first type of construction is residential building construction, which includes the construction, maintenance, and modification of structures used to house people, supplies, or equipment. It contains homes, townhouses, condominiums, nursing homes, and dorms, among other things. Garages and extensions such as utility sheds are also considered residential structures. As previously said, the residential building also entails the maintenance and placement of utilities such as water and electricity throughout the structure.

Residential housing projects are typically designed by engineers and architects, with construction carried out by construction companies that engage subcontractors to complete the mechanical, structural, and electrical work. However, with single-family homes, builders often handle all aspects, including design and construction.


  1. Institutional and Commercial Building:

DSS Construction CompanyProjects in this category include schools, stadiums, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, big box stores, and skyscrapers. Institutional and commercial building, like residential dwelling construction, involves both the construction of new structures and the repair and upkeep of existing facilities. A project, such as a retail store, is generally commissioned by a firm or a private owner. Other projects, including stadiums, schools, and health centers, are frequently funded and administered by both the local and national governments.

  1. Specialized Industrial Construction:

industrial construction servicesThe third form of construction is specialized industrial construction, which involves the construction of structures that need a high level of expertise as well as technical abilities in management, construction, and structure. This form of the building is typically carried out by for-profit or industrial businesses. A chemical business, for example, may create oil refineries, and a power-generating industry can develop structures such as nuclear power plants and hydroelectric power plants, both of which are instances of specialized industrial construction.

  1. Infrastructure, And Heavy Construction:

industrial construction servicesThe final form of construction is infrastructure and massive construction, which includes the construction and upgrade of railroads, ports, and roads.  This sort of architecture is often undertaken in the public interest and is frequently carried out by government organizations and huge commercial enterprises.

Tunnels, bridges, roads, transport systems, drainage systems, and pipelines are examples of projects that come under this category.

Difference Between Larger and Smaller Construction Projects:

There are several sorts of construction, and each type of construction requires a particular type of person to assist with the job. There’s the large infrastructure project, which is often completed by a large group of workers in one location. While, on the other side, a smaller project involves a large number of individuals in a separate location. The major difference between the two is that larger projects include a lot of collaboration among many individuals, whereas smaller projects involve a lot of competitive work among many people.

Boost in Construction Industry:

In the past couple of years, the industry has undergone tremendous changes. With the spread of 3D printing, numerous other technologies have emerged to meet people’s needs. The construction industry is no exception. It has also continued to evolve with new technologies and technologies are welcome for the industry. This is what prompted the establishment of a construction fraternity. So, we can say that construction is the safest and most innovative way of boosting your property value and living in a safe and secure environment. However, there are some key aspects of knowledge that one should have when conducting any construction project. We tried to provide here basic information about the construction and building types, their benefits, and specification.


Thus, to conclude we can say, construction is a huge industry that has grown in popularity over the past few years. It is a big business and there are a lot of different types of construction. There’s the kind that you can find all throughout the world, like the building of houses or skyscrapers. Other types of construction are found in places that don’t have a lot of buildings, like the location of a road, or the location of a forest. One thing to keep in mind is that there’s not just one type of construction but they are many that require a different mindset, different investment levels, different Locations, different infrastructure, and frameworks.

In this article apart from giving essential knowledge about construction we are providing the people of our area with wonderful residential, commercial and industrial buildings, we also do a lot of construction-type work. For example, we may build a new home for someone who moved into the area, or we may build some additions to existing homes. We are not just limited to those types of projects, however, and we are constantly learning new ways to provide our customers with more services and products.

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