washing machine not spinning


It’s when they start to knock us down that we realize how well our household appliances are doing us a favor. Suddenly, when the Washing Machine not spinning, you just want to cry bitter tears. Keep calm, there is always a solution at DSSPak.pk.

The problem of the day: your laundry is damper than usual or even completely soaked. Your machine may have encountered a problem while spinning. To understand where the failure is coming from, a DSSPak.pk technician can come to your home to investigate.


1 / Check the drum and the drain pump. The “Monk” method

The first thing he will do is open the washing machine and check the condition of the drum. If it does not present any anomaly, it will in this case investigate the side of the drain filter. Its mission: to ensure that the latter is not blocked.

2 / Disassemble the washing machine. The “MacGyver” method

If the problem is not with the drain filter, our super technician MURFY will remove the side panel of your washing machine to check the correct positioning of the belt: it must be between the motor pulley and the drum. If the tank has traces of oxidation, it may have a track: the bearings must be out of order!

3 / Check the parts of your washing machine. The “Inspector Derrick” method

To him the long list of parts to check one by one. The drain hose (it must not be blocked), the wastewater drain pipe (must be in good condition), the drain pump coil (it may have melted!): The technician will switch to review each of these pieces. No worries, if that seems complex to you, for him it’s a simple routine examination.?

4 / Control the motor, the “Professor Calculus” method

With the multimeter, we will check the correct operation of the motor, and check if the carbon brushes are well connected.

Now that everything is checked, our technician will explain everything to you: where the fault came from, how he repaired it, which part he will order, how to avoid a recurrence. At MURFY, we don’t just save your household appliances, we teach you how to live with them!

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